Men Clothing Guide: Importance of attires according to the occasions

Know why it is important to dress to the occasion and what to wear when?


There is much more to dressing than most of us know. Dressing is an art of how people carry themselves on various occasions. The occasions dictate how we should dress to comply with the mood of events. Dressing for any occasion is like paying respect to the people and occasion in which you have taken apart. Dressings say a great deal about, who an individual is and influences different types of impressions. People make snap judgements from the clothes we wear. A conclusion is drawn about our personality from the way we look. So, if you think that opinions do not matter, impressions might, so dressing to the occasion certainly matters.

It is imperative to teach ourselves how to dress appropriately regardless of the occasion. One would not want to wear a casual-shorts at a wedding party or a torn-jeans while appearing for the interview. Our friend will disown us if we wear a formal gown to a sports-events. The last thing we want is other people to make an impression of our poor taste in clothing.


Dressing says a lot about your character

Dressing to the occasion says a lot about one’s personality. Studies have revealed that people who often love to overdress are the one who seeks more attention and expect compliments from others. While people who attend events underdress are the ones who do not much care about their appearance. Even though, it doesn’t matter to you that what people will think and say about you if you are underdressed, it is still a good thing to dress to the occasion because it would do wonders for your self-esteem.

A simple dress can be the factor which can either make or break your interview. If you are going to appear in an interview with a reputable company, you should go there at looking your best. It is an excellent idea for men to wear a suit for such a formal occasion. One should not forget the importance of wearing the right shoe for the right occasion. It is best to stick with closed formal shoes instead of sandals or sneakers. Trust us or not, an interviewer evaluates us on our overall appearance. So, it is important to wear formals while attending job interviews to increase the chances of being taken seriously.


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Don’t feel out of place

If you dress according to the occasion, you won’t feel out of place. Imagine a party where everyone is wearing a suit, and you there wearing a torn-jeans. How uncomforting that would be? If you are planning to accompany your friend to a weekend cricket match, head out for burgers and ice-creams afterwards, wearing comfortable and casual weekend clothes is okay.

If someone has invited you to attend a wedding ceremony or a formal party, it is important to read the invitation carefully. Even in India, these days events have themes and every guest is expected to follow it.


What to wear when?

Wear ethnic and party clothes like Tuxedo, blazers, kurta-pyjama, Nehru jacket and more when you are at a wedding or attending a festival. wear formals like formals shirts and pant, formal blazer or suit when you are going for an interview. Wear casuals like Shirts, T-Shirts, Jeans, Trousers and more if it is allowed in your office and college or stick to the dress code of your college/office.


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