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#अरनब_की_लग_गई trends on Twitter, we are like memers are too creative

Here are some interesting reactions after an online Twitter poll

Republic TV recently conducted an online Twitter poll in which it asked the people to answer “Who did better in the last one year- Present Modi government or opposition?” The Opposition got 57 per cent of the total votes while the Modi government got 43 per cent in the online poll. We all know where does the honesty of Republic TV lies? After the surprising results of the poll, memers took the opportunity and trolled the news network along with its Editor and majority owner Arnab Goswami. Nobody expected this surprising result as most of the followers of Republic TV are believed to be right-aligned. However, recent incidents involving Arnab Goswami and Congress interim President Sonia Gandhi could be the reason for this surprising result.

Here are some of the interesting tweets and images shared on Twitter using the hashtag #अरनब_की_लग_गई (Arnab is in trouble)

This tweet reminds me of a dialogue from the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie when Severus Snape says to Harry Potter: You dare use my own spells against me potter?

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Really ‘Bejjati To Hui Hai”!

This reminds me of a saying ‘Ab Aaya Oot Pahad  Ke Neeche.”

Now we understand how this impossible became possible- The legendary Rajnikanth.

We are not so sure about this reaction.

We hope nothing bad happens to the ‘Blunder maker.’

This is a supreme example of bad parenting. How could you disown your child for just one mistake?

When Virat fails, Dhoni comes to the rescue. There have many occasions when Virat failed but MS Dhoni batting in the lower order won match for India.

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