Memes: Just for fun or a new marketing strategy?

How people are using memes new marketing strategies? 

Social media has made our communications very easy. It has got us connected to all our friends and relatives, and memes are one of the vital parts of social media. We love them, right? It tickles our funny bones and makes us wonder how people can be so creative?  Memes are not so new phenomena but it has become a game changer in social media business.  It serves infotainment. Have you ever thought why memes are so much in trend? Because it is a new marketing strategy. Here is how you can also use them.

What are memes?

Memes are a creative idea, style, behavior, and emotion that spread in a cultured person to person with a theme and also conveys a message. Meme is a new evolution in the field of marketing. Through memes people create impact and memes act as a cultural idea, practice, and a symbol that is transmitted from one mind to another.

Memes are becoming an emotion!

Memes create an impact through creative writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other paradigmatic phenomena with a memetic theme. It is a viral phenomenon that may evolve your thought and create changes in society.

Memes are a way through which people express their feelings, thought and themselves through different channels. Memes can also evoke your emotion automatically. It is like that feeling when you recognize yourself with the joke and able to relate with it. This also makes one share or tag others in memes.

Memes as a strategy of marketing

Every brand or company just want a piece of the pie. Mems are gaining popularity and it might become a future of digital marketing. It is a kind of infotainment in which information with humor is presented for entertainment purpose. Memes can have both long or short time effect. But it would surely have some impact that can help your company to do branding.

The entertainment value of memes make easier to make your audience to share your brand post and it also makes your audience to laugh with the gain of information.  They also able to least their budget by doing marketing through digital mediums and memes. The power of social media can make you an overnight star. Meme marketing can be very successful if done properly.

Memes:  A source of trolling

As memes are a kind of infotainment it consists of photographs, jokes, creative ideas. Memes makers use the images of actors, politicians and many more personalities and write things related to them and somehow it becomes a part of trolling which can create a bad impact on the personalities images. For example- the movie “Sui Dhaga- Made In India” in which the character of Mamta played by Anushka Sharma’s image was used in the memes so much by the memes makers.

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Awareness through memes

Meme a small unit of culture that spread from person to person in this digital era. And globally it is possible to make people aware of the social, political, and economic issues as maximum people have the accessibility to the internet. There are many makers who are making memes to aware people with humor and relate things with the reality to make people understand the situations.


Memes are made with emotions and feelings so that people can relate their problems. Everyone has the right to speech and one can make their own memes with creative thoughts and ideas. A lot of memes (not all) end up with educating, informing, and waking the audience on some issues on which the mainstream media remain silent. It also changes the mindset of the audience about the things, how they should perceive and they have perceived.

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