Meeting someone for the first time? Here is how you should dress up

Dress appropriately to form impressive first impression

Meeting someone for the first time comes with a lot of questions and excitement. The first question which we all ask from ourselves is, “what should I wear?” The way you dress up says a lot about your personality. Boys and girls both should choose their attires appropriately when it comes to meeting someone for the first time. Today, we will help girls on choosing attires. You may choose western, ethnic or even Indo- western but the mantra should remain the same. You should feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing. You should be able to make the meeting a fruitful experience with your unbeatable confidence.

Meeting someone for the first time?

So, what all you can do? Here are few tips that will come handy whenever you need them.

Do little research about the place where you will be going to meet him

  • Look the place up online and find pictures to see how fancy or casual it is. Look for pictures with other people in them to give you an idea of how people tend to dress there.
  • Swing by the place before you meet him so you can get the vibe in person.

Try to adjust your time

  • Daytime calls for light or bright colors and a more casual style with less jewelry. You can still wear a dress, but tone it down to a simple shift, shirt dress, or wrap dress.
  • Meeting at night means a more formal style like that little black dress with some heels and that one piece of eye-catching jewelry.
Do not forget to shine

Balance your casual look with class

  • Make distressed jeans work for you by pairing them with a nice pair of black heels and a sweater or silk blouse.
  • Combine an oversized shirt with something fitted like tights or leggings so your outfit doesn’t look baggy or ill-fitting.

Try to avoid covering your outfit with casual outerwear and accessories.

  • Black leather jackets have style and class, and go with almost anything. They are a great addition to your wardrobe.
  • Accessorize with a hands-free purse like a clutch or wristlet. These look more sleek and sophisticated than fussing with a large bag. If you need more space to carry things, use your jacket pockets.

Always wear comfortable shoes

  • Avoid heels which are incredibly high. Not only may they be difficult to walk in, but you might tower over him if they are too tall.

So, if you are also planning to meet someone soon keep these pointers in mind. These tips will help you to leave a long lasting impression on him.

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