Meeting Manners :5 rules every professional should know

Here are five meeting manners that every professional should know

Meetings are common in offices. They take place on a regular basis. But do you know most of us remain unaware of the basic meeting manners? This can actually spoil our image. Here are five meeting manners that every professional should know.

Even if you dread them, meetings put you in the front of co-workers and bosses with whom you may not work on a regular basis. So it is important that you should act properly because it can leave a long lasting impression on them.

Is it okay to check your phone in meeting? When should you ask questions? Please note if broken, the unwritten rules of meeting professionalism may damage your reputation.

Meeting Manners :5 rules every professional should know
Meeting manners

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So what all you should do to become the star of meeting . Here are five most important points to note :

1. Do not keep your phone out : Most of us keep our phones out during meetings, but you should not do it. Even if you are not checking your phone, it can distract others if it starts making any sound

2. One should also understand the unwritten rules Although interrupting others during any conversation is not polite, but in meetings you have to interrupt at some point otherwise you won’t be heard.

Meeting Manners :5 rules every professional should know
Introduction is important

3. Be on time : Make sure you are on time and prepare for the meeting ahead of time. Do not waste time of others by not being punctual

4. Make introductions : If everyone in the meeting room doesn’t know each other . Make sure you make introductions. You should introduce the person with the highest rank.

5. Clean up after yourself : Yes, it is very important . If you were eating something during the meeting. Make sure you clean it after the meeting. Otherwise , it is not professional.

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