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Meet Vishal Nagani, the Table Boy of Rajkot who knows tables up to 1000 crores

Meet Vishal Nagani aka Human Calculator who knows tables up to 1000 crores & we can’t even do basic calculations


India is a country of talents. We have some of the most talented minds when it comes to economics, literature, sports, social activism and academics. Apart from it, India has some hatke talents too which can leave you amazed. Be it stopping a fan with hands, smashing helmets or pulling a track along with hair, Indians can surely drive you crazy.

Recently, we also came across one such talent. Before we tell you about an astonishing talent, tell us how you do your regular calculations?  How many tables (we mean Maths table)  you still remember? Well, most of us use calculators for our basic calculations, right? But there is somebody who knows tables from 1 to 1crore. Yes, Read That Again!!! He is also known as Table Boy of Rajkot.

Vishal Nagani is a Maths magician who is known as a human calculator. His phenomenal talent of calculating numbers within seconds will you awestruck.

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Interestingly, he knows tables up to 1000 crore and he is known as Table Boy of Rajkot. His name was also published in the Limca Book of records. Well, he has indeed made every Indian proud.  Big calculations are just a matter of seconds for him.

Take a look here:


After watching his video, we are wondering is it even real? We can’t even do basic calculations and Vishal can calculate big numbers like a magician. As of now, Vishal has been interviewed by various news channels, and in all his interviews,  he urges people to support him. He wants to showcase his talent on a global level.

It is a small effort to tell his story to a wider audience. India is a sea of talents and a lot of times, many go unnoticed. As Indians let us support the people of our country and appreciate their incredible work.  You can checkout Vishal on Instagram and tell him how much you adore his talent.  Well, we will back with some stories like this! Till then,  Stay Safe!


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