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Meet The People Behind Good News Of The Week

Here we are delivering good news of the week and the people behind it.

The good news is here for your weekly dose. But this article is dedicated to those people who are the reason behind all the smiles on your face.

Here we are delivering good news of the week and the people behind it.

Into The Woods

Let us face it, many who work in the corporate sector have the dream of leaving the job and live surrounded by nature. Most, however, are unable to ever realize it and continue with their lives. But not Noushadya and Sudhakar.

Once successful corporate employees in Mumbai and Bengaluru, now leading a self-sustaining life near a forest for the past three years.

The couple cultivate paddy, bananas, and vegetables and use solar electricity.

The Library Mission

A market secretary of APMC in Jamshedpur, Sanjay Kachhap (40), is on a mission to enlighten the lives of the underprivileged. He has set up 18 libraries at many locations in the Kolhan Division of Jharkhand.

After sacrificing his dream to become an IAS officer, he was determined to help out the economically backward to resolve their issues.

Let Your Dreams Take A Flight

Maitri Patel (19) hailing from Surat scaled all new heights after becoming India’s youngest commercial pilot. She is the daughter of a farmer who faced various hardships.

Becoming a pilot was her childhood dream. She explained that she was only 8 when she saw an airplane for the first time. That was the day when she made a goal to fly it one day.

To fulfill her daughter’s dream, Maitri’s proud father sold a piece of his ancestral land to let her daughter enroll in a flight training course.

Back To Tradition

The headmistress of the School in Madurai took initiative to teach an important lesson at her own expense. She donated to build a ‘traditional ground’ on the school premises. It was created to help students come out of the addiction to online games.

Sasithra said the online classes in the last 1.5 years have affected many students, and introducing them to traditional games has shown improvement.

Breaking Ceilings

Rubika, Jeyachitra, and 13 other transpersons  started a new chapter in their life with their new restaurant. Madurai Trans Kitchen is a first-of-its-kind in the district, run and managed by transpersons.

A similar initiative had begun functioning in Coimbatore last year, run by 10 transpersons.

The Madurai team were running a catering service until the pandemic hit. Then, the idea of a restaurant dawned upon them.

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Saving Plastic and Lives

Many people serve food to communities that are economically stressed. However, most donors turn to disposable utensils when serving food. The environmental impact aside, this material is also harmful to stray animals that look for food in landfills.

Concerned about the impact of disposable, non-biodegradable tableware, Sameera Satija (48) started ‘Crockery Bank For Everyone’, a free-for-use bank to borrow steel utensils for parties or community events.

Innovative Teaching 

Muhammad Ali (43) is transforming the lives of his students at his school in a remote village, in the Kargil district, with new teaching methods. The first issues he saw were the lack of confidence, aptitude, and skills in reading English and Urdu and a variety of activities associated with language learning.

To help remember the elements in the periodic table, each student is assigned an element from the periodic table. Instead of calling out their roll no., teachers would announce their atomic numbers.

Chota Packet, Bade Irade

Gandham Bhuvan Jai from Kurnool scaled Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe at the age of 8. He could be the youngest to summit the 5,642 meters (18510 ft) dormant volcanic dome in southern Russia.

With an elevation of 5642 meters, Mt. Elbrus is a fine ascent, which requires mountaineering skills. Although unpredictable weather and altitude make for a challenging and adventurous trip.

Going Green

Chhattisgarh is making the nation’s largest man-made forest on an abandoned mining belt. The initiative will turn the unproductive areas into the natural habitat of the jungle with over 3777 acres.

So far, 1120 acres in the region are transformed into a forest. Over 83,000 saplings were planted under the special drive in 895 acres, by the state forest department.

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