Meet Karan Luthra, a foodie at heart & Tech blogger by Passion

The Journey of Karan Luthra, food blogger and tech reviewer who finds his soul in exploring food and fun

A corporate guy by profession, a blogger by passion, and a foodie soul at heart, this is @techfoodlifestyle for you.

Karan Luthra, the person behind the insta food blog @techfoodlifestyle is absolute bliss for food lovers.

Or should I say, an absolute guilty pleasure for all the foodies as his food pictures are scrumptious enough that they will get your mouth watering? While Karan’s blog is a space full of vibrance, meeting with Karan can be blissfully different.

On your first interaction with Karan, you are at risk of finding Karan being the shy guy who finds it difficult to identify topics to talk on. Yet once he gets in his zone, we wonder if anything could be more interesting than talking to him about food, travel, and gadgets. Well, after decent struggles, we happened to have a candid chat with Karan Luthra, discussing his journey of becoming a blogger, and here’s what he said.

Q1. Why food blogging? Tell us about how your blogging journey started?

Karan: My journey started when I started reviewing the latest phones in 2017. Everything was going smoothly when I got to know about food blogging. I went to review one restaurant/cafe located in Noida and got some more ideas about food blogging and then I focused more on clicking the food pictures rather than portraits landscapes. After that it never stopped and being a food blogger has given me a lot of opportunities.

Q2. Why Techfoodlifestyle – why this name? What does this name suggest?

Karan: techfoodlifestyle- earlier the name of my website was ‘techwithlifestyle’ then one of my fellow blogger friends suggested I change the name to techfoodlifestyle which means my page will be based on technology, food, and a bit of lifestyle ( travel) though currently due to lack of availability of time I’m focusing on food blogging only.

Q3. What inspired you to get into food blogging?

Karan: Well, that’s absolutely my love for street food and photography. The intersection of both is where I find food blogging becoming relevant. And that’s what inspired me to get into food blogging. Also, I was a big foodie from childhood too, so that’s also there as an inspiration.

Q4. What has been one of the biggest challenges for you and your blogging journey?

Karan: Biggest challenge, well, it surely is time management. I am employed in a corporate job. When you are doing a 9-5 job, you are mentally drained, and finding that time out to create content, posts, and even to go out and click pictures of food becomes a task at times. So, that’s how it is. Blogging at least till now can’t become a full-time profession for me. And in this situation, time management is an issue that I have been facing.

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Q5. What are your personal favourite cuisines?

Karan: Mine is definitely all North Indian and Italian cuisines.

In fact, North Indian is above all because of rajma rice only. Most of my friends, family know how much I love rajma rice.

Q6. What are your goals for your food blogging journey?

Karan: Currently my goal is to improve the page and myself through the journey of food blogging. There are a lot of things running in my mind about the future goals in food blogging but the most important part is to be consistent.

Q7. What is your advice to the food bloggers who are just entering the blogging industry?

Karan: My advice to newbies in food blogging is to be yourself, don’t copy, learn from others. Respect the people who follow you and give your best. Do not worry about the reach of followers, your hard work will do wonders if you’re consistent in this industry. The most important thing is to love and respect people who serve food.

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