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Meet Swati Jagdish aka Mayas Amma, a sex educator to Kids

Swati Jagdish is an educator who talks about gender and sex

Usually, we do not talk to children about sex, thinking that if they are older then they will know themselves or it is not right for them to talk like this right now. Although all this is a misconception. Giving sex education to children and making them familiar with sexuality is the only way to make them emotionally independent. Swati Jagadish, popularly known as Maya Amma on Instagram, is a sex health educator and lactation counsellor.

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Who is Swati Jagdish?

Swati Jagdish is a certified sexuality health educator and she is known to Instagram.  She is a postgraduate in Applied Psychology and a Certified Behaviour Profile Analyst (CBPA). She is known to her followers as a big influential Insta-famous personality. She is known as Maya’s Amma.  She shares to make discussing sex in a unique way and make this discussion easier.

Sex Education for Parents by popular Coimbatore-based psychologist and sexual health educator Swati Jagdish is for parents who have fear while discussing various topics with kids.  She has been a keynote speaker at numerous events and hosts Instagram lives on her page. The topics for these you may ask? Everything from Sex Education and Mental Health Issues to Abusive Marriages, Menstrual Cups and everything in-between.

What does she teach to her followers?

Consent is one of the many things that Swati talks to her followers about and, of course, Maya. She creates content with her daughter Maya. She is a mother of a 4 yr old and have been extremely passionate about breastfeeding since she was born. She wants to bring more awareness about the intricacies of lactation and allied issues, such as postpartum depression.

My other areas of interest are adolescent counselling, gender sensitization, attachment parenting, women empowerment and sustainable menstrual practices. She also clarifies to her followers that She also clarifies that sex education is not one conversation but a series of conversations you should have with your child. Her journey includes normalising sex, gender, sexuality spectrum and discussing body image concerns with her 6-year old in tow. She now has over 2, 53,000 followers on the platform.

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When did her journey begin?

Her journey began in 2014 when her daughter Maya was born. she used to breastfeed her daughter throughout the sessions and that’s how she thought of doing a course on lactation counselling and started working at a hospital. became the first Certified Lactation Counsellor in Coimbatore. Initially, Swati wrote long Facebook posts on lactation, she then thought of exploring Instagram. She received so much hate and trolling. She then realised how breasts were sexualized.

Then she thought of doing a course and trained herself as a sex educator. She decided to do the course by herself. Swati’s Instagram posts have made a difference in the lives of at least some people. “A lot of them have told me how they’ve started having conversations more freely. Their children are also feeling free to talk to them.

She says in her Instagram video that Sex education is about a lot more than having sex. The workshop is for parents of kids from the 0-7 age group. Swati helps her followers buyng Kamagra from and to know about their body, sexual maturity, gender identity, puberty, and relationships. It will pave the way for clear, honest communication and a deeper bond.

Swati teaches people about not embarrassing their children

Many times if the children take the name of the Privates part in front of their grandparents or any other relative, do not embarrass them during this time. Swati during her live video cites the example of her daughter and says that when she took the name of the private part in front of her grandparents, she laughed and then left, but when you are in such a situation, tell the child that this is a good question and I Glad you asked me, but I won’t be able to answer it yet, We will first get information for this, they will explain it to you in easy language. At that time do not let the children be ashamed, or judge them, do not stop them from asking such questions. You will have to continue your conversation with your child and yourself.

Swati clarifies in her video If you are going to talk about sexual health, then it is very important to start working on yourself. Before talking to children about this, ask yourself how much you know yourself and what you should know. What kind of things should be done about this. So before thinking about the child, increase your knowledge and see who you can talk about and whom you will be ashamed to talk about. So, remove the shame inside you and then start talking about it.

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