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Meet Shivangi and Gaurangi, telling the journey of becoming Twinsis from twin sisters

Shivangi and Gaurangi: Youtube Creators known as Twinsis

There is a point where relatability meets creativity, and that is where we find Twinsis. They are real, they are relatable and their creativity is a dose of positivity, we all crave for. Twinsis is a youtube channel run by nineteen-year-old twin sisters, Shivangi and Gaurangi who are currently in the second year of graduation, pursuing BMM (Bachelor’s in Mass Media). FOr the past 3 years. they have been creating digital content, content which is relatable and wholesome.


Talking about their journey from being twin sisters to youtube creators, Twinsis, Shivangi said, “The journey so far has been so good, full of ups and downs. It all started in our 10th-grade vacations when we were bored and wanted to do something interesting to entertain ourselves. Little did we know, this would turn into a passion. 3rd July 2017 we started creating videos and since then there has been no looking back only because we love what we do. Now will be three years since we are creating content and we absolutely love doing it, and the fact that we learn new things with each passing day makes it even more wonderful.”


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We had a chat with Twinsis and here is what they said –


1. What has been one of the most beautiful moments for your content creation journey? Tell us what it made you feel.


One of the most beautiful moments in our journey so far has to be making our very first short film, Meetha Kam. We always wanted to start our channel with that very short film but it couldn’t happen due to various reasons. And, seeing that come to reality just filled our hearts with happiness and pure joy. It is definitely not our best work to date but it allowed us to experiment further and gave us an assurance that you don’t need too many people or fancy equipment to make a short film, a good script is just enough. Lastly, whenever people say that they smiled or felt good after watching a video of ours, it means the world to us.



“Sometimes, we watch a piece of content and inspired,
a lot of times, content is based on our own life experiences
and stories that we hear from other people.”


2. Which of your content to date is your personal favourite and why?

Our favourite content on our channel so far is a short film that we made called ‘Beach’ because it’s our first ever video that we shot from our own camera, it is also for the first time that one of our videos got selected for an international film festival, it also won at quite a few college fests. It is a short film that was loved by almost all viewers, and the concept of it too is both, emotional and relatable. Another recent favourite is ‘Maya’.

3. What are the major sources of inspiration for you, as far as content creation is considered?

For us, inspirations come through various sources. Sometimes, we watch a piece of content and we like it so much that we get inspired to attempt something of that sort. A lot of times, it is also based on our own life experiences and stories that we hear from other people.

4. What are your plans for the next six months? Is there anything specific you are targetting?

For us, YouTube is been more about creative satisfaction than its been about numbers, but lately, we have realized that it is also equally important to reach wider audience so we have been making a conscious effort to create content that attracts a larger audience. The next 6 months look exciting with a blend of a variety of content. Hopefully, we will grow as a family on YouTube. Also, we are planning to start making reels as it currently is a potential way of growth on Instagram


5. What are your advice to the young content creators out there?

To everyone who’s reading this and wants to be a content creator, please don’t take this field lightly, it requires a lot of effort, patience, and hard work. Be passionate. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to sustain, and lastly, you don’t need fancy equipment unless people can see hear you.


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