Meet Ritu Sahu, a Real- Life Hero!

Ritu Sahu, a true inspiration for millennials 

We all admire heroes because of their honesty, dedication, and courage. A real hero never gives up. He fights back till the end. Everything seems to be easy in reel life, the hero does everything perfectly and gets applauded for it. But real life is not that easy. It serves more thorns and fewer roses. Usually, we run away from difficult situations. Some of us even blame our luck and the people around us. But then, there those who accept the reality and live life in the most beautiful way. They rise above their despair, work hard, and set an example for others.  One such name is Ritu Sahu.

Ritu Sahu

Ritu Sahu, 24, works as a computer operator. She was born in Korba, Chattishgarh. Since her childhood, she does all her chores with her legs. She is specially abled since birth. One World News recently got in touch with Ritu and talked about her inspiring journey.

Ritu is thankful to her Family

Ritu Sahu is really thankful to her family, especially her grandparents. She said, “My family has always motivated me to pursue my dreams. I have been brought up like a normal child.”  Ritu is the eldest among her siblings. After the death of her father, she is taking care of the finances of her house. Ritu is a graduate and she works as a computer operator.

Ritu Sahu’s Journey and societal stigmas

Ritu never gave up. While talking to us,  she revealed- ” People stare at me, they talk about me, and sometimes they even ask me, Aapke haath nhi hai. There was a time when I was affected by all this, but now, I am comfortable in my own skin.”  Now, all this doesn’t affect me. I have accepted the reality and I am focusing on my career.

Message to Millennials

Nothing can stop if you are a dedicated person. All you need to do is-” Focus on your Goals.” Life will never be easy, you have to make it easy by accepting the truth.


20’s is a crucial time of a person’s life. At this age, we start attaining maturity. People explore a lot of things about themselves. Ritu says that she is exploring herself. Now, she has become mature enough to understand that ” Kuch Toh log Kahenge and all you need to do is -Just prove them wrong. Never give up!

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