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Meet Rabani Jolly, the talented Grand Daughter of Jolly Uncle!

Meet Rabani Jolly, a girl with Big Dreams & Aspirations

India is a country full of Talent. We all come across people in our life who are supremely talented. These ordinary people like you and me do extraordinary things which makes them special. Recently, our team came across a 12- year –old girl, Rabani Jolly, whose talent will leave awestruck. Rabani who is yet to be a teenager (as she introduced herself) has a special talent for identifying colours, numbers, currency notes, and even numbers with closed eyes ( blindfolded). Well, you must be thinking how right? Well, we had the same question in our minds. Our Team members Parul Srivastava and Poonam Masih paid a visit to Rabani Jolly and did a blindfold challenge with her.

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During the live session with One World News, Rabani was applauded by many people for her special talent.  Notably, Rabani is a bundle of talent. At the mere age of 2.5 years, she was awarded as the most active baby of the year. She is also a trained Kathak dancer & even acted in a Punjabi short film along with her younger sister Ruhani Jolly. Recently, Rabani’s talent was appreciated by the Delhi Police and she was awarded for the same.

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While talking to us Rabani revealed that her family is quite supportive. In fact, Rabani’s father, Aman Jolly shoots a video for her. Interestingly, Rabani Jolly is the granddaughter of famous graphologist & motivational speaker Jolly Uncle.  Rabani has won many awards for special talent.  JollyUncle is a Delhi based author. He spreads positivity through his write-ups & videos. Jolly Uncle has 37 books in his Kitty and he says that he will be writing more books. He preaches people to see the brighter side of life.


So how does she identify items with closed eyes?

We asked Rabani and her parents when they discovered her talent. To which they replied, the technique is about activating the midbrain. The more you practice, the finer you become with the skills. We did many challenges with her and she was quick to identify. Before wrapping up the interview, she said – Everyone should follow their passion & practice is the key to everything in life. Well, we couldn’t agree more! Young people like Rabani are indeed an inspiration.

You can check her Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/jolly_sisters/?hl=en

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