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Meet Namisha Gupta, Re-Defining Pre-loved Luxury’s Position in Society in COVID Times

ReTag that is a luxury store exclusively dealing in pre-owned Women, Men & Children’s apparel and accessories

“We love fashion, but we don’t want our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet ” says Namisha, telling how she came up with the idea of ‘ReTag‘ that is a luxury store exclusively dealing in pre-owned Women, Men & Children’s apparel and accessories.

Namisha, after completing Masters in Fashion Business degree from London College of Fashion, developed a sharp eye for fashion and details. Yet, while enduring to culminate her style, art, and ideas into one, she started realizing the repercussions of it. She says, “I had a strong empathy for the environment and was not able to undermine the ecological impact of the fashion industry. I had this realization that we all love fashion but we don’t, and in fact, should never want our clothes and fashion products to come out at the cost of our planet. With my inevitable concerns for the environment and interest in fashion, I created ReTag which is an online luxury store exclusively for pre-owned women, men and children apparel and accessories.”

The fashion industry has an adverse impact on the environment. In fact, the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, after the oil industry and hence it is an issue that should be a primary concern. Re Tag, as the founder says “We had the Vision of making luxury eco – friendly, accessible and affordable. We have conceptualized it with a committed group of experienced experts who accept that “luxury is sustainable” and that each luxury piece, regardless of whether recently acquired or relished for long, is significant speculation.”

The basic idea with which ReTag proceeds, is that the millennial group is always interested in exploring newer fashion and get attracted to extravagant products. The rash purchasing nature or peer pressure gives way to the expensive and non – sustainable fashion products into their closets. Considering the thousands and lakhs of money invested to buy a product, which is left aside in a small space in the closet after two or three uses, seems a waste of money and resources. With the idea of reuse and reduce, the two of the 4R formulas to reduce environmental degradation, ReTag swoops. So basically it helps an individual out in doing the same with a perfectly suited model offering stages where the client could sell his/her luxury products as well as buy one which is available at a much affordable price. So, this ultimately reduces the production of products that are not sustainable to the environment and increases the affordability and accessibility of luxury fashion for people.

When asked, why pre-loved luxury fashion is the right choice for the new normal world, she says, “Particularly in the hours of COVID, when we’re all confronting a monetary crunch and not prepared to surrender the lavish way of life, Retag has made extravagance feasible and reasonable. I always believed to make my hard-work in fashion, “AN UNFORGETTABLE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE” for both buyers & sellers. I love spreading awareness about the advantages of buying pre-loved luxury goods.” tells Namisha elucidatiNG upon her interest as a fashion enthusiast. She is a strong proponent of sustainable fashion and has skilfully used her experience and education in building her brand “ReTag”. And, her flair for luxury is certainly reflected in the lovingly curated selection of designer apparel offered on the site.”

In addition to that, the world’s biggest pandemic situation means high-end purchases have temporarily been restricted for many businesses. Leading into the gaining traction of the resale model in India. Hence, it is certainly re-defining the pre-loved luxury market in India.

Driving the path for those tired of hyper-consumerism and particularly those wired towards an asset saving model frequently outfitted towards sharing, swapping, exchanging or leasing and recognized as ‘re-commerce’, the endeavor offers purchasers a wide variety of desired and exquisite brands — including the likes of Balenciaga, Chanel, Fendi, Prada, and Hermés — from those looking to offload them.

“With a growing millennial populace that is progressively brand-aware and has a higher discretionary income, we are certainly set to develop trust. What I believe is if you’re your authentic self, you have no competition. The ultimate need is to switch from the idea of storing the luxury for a year and ending up making it of no use.” says Namisha concluding with the thought that we need to change our lifestyle according to the environment around.

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