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Meet Manveen Kaur: A Women Serving Kadha and homemade medicines to the Protesting Farmers Amid Pandemic

At the Tikri Border Protest, Manveen Kaur, with her family is serving Kadha to the protesting Farmers

Passing through the Tikri Border, you will find a number of ways in which different farmer groups are marking their presence at the protest in their own and exclusive ways. Moving through the protest site, spreading from the Tikri Border Metro Station to several Kilometers (approx. 35 Km) one can find ample spaces where farmers themselves are making and serving food, not just for the fellow farmers who are protesting but for all the people who are passing by. Among them, one can find a stall by a Delhi Local, which is serving Kadha to the protesting farmers headed by Manveen Kaur and her Family.

Manveen Kaur (21), a Delhi local, living in Bahadurgarh, pursuing a course in Hotel Management. Along with her companions, she has set up a free stall to serve homemade Kadha to the farmers, protesting amid the pandemic against the Farm Bills. Manveen told One World News that “when the very first day, these farmers came here, they were in a pathetic condition, many were injured, some had caught a cough and cold, and due to poor food and sanitation, especially at the Tikri Border, many have been suffering from a stomach infection.” Considering the pandemic, and considering their health condition, it was very necessary for the farmers to get treatment. Where there are some farm unions who have set basic medical Facilities, Manveen came up with her homemade medicine recipes.

Manveen said, “This stall is just a small contribution of a commoner for the people who are protesting in this cold weather and in the pandemic. These are the people who serve us food, if we will not support them then who will? The government is as ignorant as it can be, and even if listening, it is not listening for the better of farmers. And if they will sink, we will too. if they won’t get our support, how will we be able to get food? Supporting them, even with this small stall is giving us the satisfaction that we are here, standing with them”.

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Manveen is supported by her companion, Narendra, and her family who are together serving the Kadha to every person passing by. In fact, they are even providing the recipe for the kadha, printed on a paper, and typed in Punjabi.

100 gm saunf
50 gm kali mirch
50 gm daal chini
50gm sondd
25gm haldi
25 gm vaddi ilaichi
10gm choti ilaichi

sab ko mix kar k pissna hai.
ik glass pani mein daal kar tab tak ubalna hai jab tak pani adha glass na reh jaaye ye kadha peena hai.
isme gudd aur adrak swad anusaar daale

gala kharab aur khansi k liye mulathi and honey mila k piye

At Tikri, farmers are sitting at a stretch of more than 35 Km, and there are likely to be at least 2 lakh farmers, at this border. Manveen’s stall is there from morning to night at during the 10 minutes we had spent at her stall, more than a hundred people sipped the Kadha. Amid the pandemic, where mass protests like this can’t really occur in social distancing, drinking kadha and eating healthy can definitely help them form a better immunity.

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