Meet Ishita Kotiya as She shares Tips for Time Management for Youngsters

Ishita Kotiya, a rapper, entrepreneur and life-design coach tells five time management skills for youngsters

The junction of multiple talents, driven from passion, power and grit. That is how we would like to introduce Ishita Kotiya. Kotiya is a young rapper, a wellness and lifestyle coach, a relationship counsellor, a yogi and spiritual healer and she also does tarot card reading. And while these are her regular mains, she is also pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Amity University, Noida which just goes on to prove her commitment to excel in each of her pursuits.

And while Ishika Kotiya’s personality is absolutely inspiring, what gains the most attention is her time management skills. We got a chance to speak to her and the first thing we asked her was a few tips for time management for youngsters. Here’s what she said.

Time Management Skills for youngsters by Ishita Kotiya

1. Create a habit of keeping a bedside to-do list: As a young business woman handling couple of things together, I have developed the habit of keeping a to-do-list on my bedside table. Whenever I finish up my day, I write down the tasks which needs to be completed the next day – that way I know how to divide my time effectively between tasks & learnings.

2.    Make sure to be up to date with the world : Often times, when we have a lot on our plate we get so busy in our work that we forget to be up to date with the world, and that’s where our growth lies. I have made it a point to read the news once in the morning while having my coffee. That way, I get to spend 15 minutes with myself doing something that actually leads me towards growth in certain sectors.

3.    Having at least 6 hours of beauty sleep: it’s very normal to get so lost while handling everything in life, that we almost forget how important it is to sleep. If one needs to be productive, one needs to get some rest before getting up and being ready for the day. The more rested your body feels, the more efficient you tend to get with your tasks.

4.    Organising your life: I like to organise everything in my life. I like to plan a weekly layout of the tasks to be done, it includes my leisure time as well. I like to be very sure about dividing my time in the right manner so that I don’t feel unproductive at the end of the day.

5.    Investing in good time-management phone apps: I like to use apps in my phone that helps me in being productive. In today’s world, we tend to spend most of our time working on our phones, there need to be constant reminders of leaving it aside and work. Getting some sort of reward out of it helps the brain function more efficiently. One such app is called “Forest”.

Well, this was about her time management skills, but there’s a lot that is charismatic about her personality. And the fact that she is a life design coach is absolutely intriguing. Here’re a few other things that we chatted about.

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How can she help people as a life design coach?

As a Life Design Coach, I help people figure out and layout their bigger goals in life in a chronological manner. And then we design and carve out some smaller goals to eventually meet the bigger ones. This whole process includes a lot of patience and determination. Helping someone design or re-design life includes working with the client’s pent up emotions, their dreams, their failures and then finally reaching to a point where failures start to look smaller and the life ahead starts to look worth working towards.

What are her future goals as she is presently pursuing a degree?

Currently, started with my Clinical Psychology Major. I intend to add on my psychological education to my practice of coaching as I will be able to help people with their disorders in a better way.

A message for the students on how they can have financial independence even when they are studying.

Start with saving up 10% from your every month’s pocket money. Take a pen & paper, write down your expenses of the month before it starts – be honest about the expenses and then make sure that you don’t spend out of that budget. This budget has to be taken out after keeping 10% of the whole pocket money aside. This way you will learn how to manage the budget with the available resources as well as how important it is to save consistently. This process will stay with you forever because your pocket money will someday turn into your salary/income and you will be able to easily figure out the budget and the savings.

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