Meet ‘Bonnie Aarons’: Who played the role of ‘Valak’ in Nun

The actor for the first time appeared in 1993 commercials as an actual nun

‘The Nun’ hit the theatres on 7th September 2018 as a prequel of the story of ‘Valak’ of the Conjuring and its counterparts. It is terribly gut-wrenching and can give you nightmares for days. The Nun named ‘Valak’ has been introduced in The Conjuring 2. The role wasn’t originally written into the series and succeeded in scaring tons of audiences.


Bonnie Aarons is successfully horrifying the shit out of you for years now. The actress has appeared in several movies like Shallow Hal, Dear God, Wrist Cutters: A Love Story, I Know Who Killed Me, Hell ride, Dahmer vs. Gacy, Drag Me to The Hell and The Fighters. The terrifying character of Bum from David Lynch’s Mulholland drive was played by the actor which can still freak you out as hell.

Apart from the horror genre,  Bonnie has also played roles of Baroness Joy Von Troken in The Princess Diaries series and as Ricky D’Angelo’s mother in Silver Linings Playbook.

When Bonnie was in the acting school, she was being told that she won’t be able to succeed in the industry because of her unique look. But, fortunately, James Wan cast her in The Conjuring 2 which boosted her career, building her as a tremendous horror icon since ever.

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The actor for the first time appeared in 1993 commercials as an actual nun which gives the viewers an idea that she is destined to be Valak, the protagonist of The Nun. Bonnie is the reason behind many sleepless nights of the viewers. But we wish to see her in more movies and keep on adding some spice of horror in our monotonous lives.

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