Media Fest 2015: Nurture your dreams into reality

 Media Fest 2015: Nurture your dreams into reality 

Do you want to be a reporter, editor or an anchor? Here comes the media fest; an initiative by ‘Briatoshs’ with the objective to let the youth know about different functionalities of media in different fields. The glamorous world of media industry is often misunderstood. So, in order to create more awareness among flourishing talent in this field, the media fest is being organized at Delhi Convention Center.

Media Fest 2015: Nurture your dreams into reality - one world news

Learn about new trends of media

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The fest is being conducted with the idea of bridging the gap between what people think and what lies ahead of them.

“Interview is a process of rejection not selection, as one has to select best out of the given options for that candidate, who has to be really proactive. Media is a field that is growing rapidly and being a media professional you have to be really quick”, says Devashish, a soft skill trainer.

“It’s all about doing your job appropriately. If you do that you will always find yourself to be a part of free press”, says Shesh N Singh, a senior journalist.

Given below are some tips for good journalism:

1. Doing your homework.
2. Keep yourself updated with information.
3. You are not reporters, journalist, editors but you are broadcasters so, you have to understand your responsibility.
4. You have to empower yourself with all kind of knowledge around you.

“Freedom of press is wide but not absolute. We are rich in information and it is all about accessing them in the right way and understanding your responsibility”, says Tazeef Golmel, senior Journalist “In today’s scenario media professionals enjoy freedom because of emerging which has led to unending boundaries, resulting in a wider audience and thus greater responsibility”, says Vinod Agnithori, a senior journalist.

Media in current scenario is all about understanding your target audiences. And now it is more professional. And moving with trend is important to have a good career.

Media is a powerful tool and people from media industry are some the most powerful human beings on the earth. So, if you are also one of them who want to flourish their career in the field of media you have to be headstrong, persistent and curious.

Now, what you are waiting for just go ahead and start your homework today!


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