Maximalism enrapturing the nation

Maximalism: Decorate your home with maximum articles

There are two popular theories when it comes to interior decor. One which says ‘less is more’ and the other implies that ‘less is bore’. Now, question of the hour is, which theory do you follow? Maximalism and Minimalism are two renowned states of art followed by most while decorating houses.

Though the two supports utterly different mottos, are major part of each other.

If you are not a maximilist, you are bound to be a minimalist because there is simply no middle way.

How do you find you ask? Well, that’s simple. If you like to favor clean lines and subdued colors then you are a clear minimalist but if like to embrace intricate styles and bold colors and pattern upon pattern then you are without doubt a maximilist.

Apparently, must Indians are bound to be maximilist due to our ‘sab chahiye’ mentality. Moreover, Minimalism is a more modern technique of decoration whereas Maximilism is used for centuries. Our past generations were very fond of the idea.

Maximalism enrapturing the nation
You want it all

The joy of designing a space without limitations and restrictions, where excess is encouraged and unlikely pairings create beautiful and unexpected harmonies is something that we Indians enjoy.

Maximalism is about dynamism and evolution. It celebrates the fact that the only constant is change. You can do with it what you will, still make an impact style wise, call it your own and call it a design sensibility.

The technique is for those of you who love playing with colours, patterns, textures and scales.

Instead of picking up few colours for your home decor like any minimalist would do, a maximilist has a huge palette of bright colours to choose from. With the Indian’s philosophy of ‘the more, the merrier’, nobody can complain if following the maximilism approach for home decor.

Just remember friends that Maximalism is out there and it’s there to stay, for good. So enjoy all you could while playing with colours, patterns, lights, attics. Enjoy being a ‘Maximilist’.

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