Mattel introduced New Hijabi Barbie to the world!

Meet new Barbie with Hijab!

Barbie is one of the beautiful dolls that still dominate the world, Isn’t it? Every girl has at least one Barbie in her wardrobe. The hijab is a controversial garment, which seems to have created a divide in society, loaded as it is with politics, religion, history, and identity. So, hijabi brides, hijabi bloggers, and any other representation of the hijab in pop culture are seen as something out of the box today.

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Mattel introduced New Hijabi

Now, in a huge step, Mattel has released a Hijabi Barbie, probably the first of its kind. Part of the Barbie Shero family, the doll was created in collaboration with Ibtihaj Muhammad, who also inspired it. An American-Muslim Olympic Fencer, Ibtihaj said she was proud to be part of a project which would give young girls the opportunity to play with a hijabi doll. She was quoted saying,”I’m proud to know that little girls everywhere can now play with a Barbie who chooses to wear hijab!”

Controversies that revolve around ‘Hijab’

Hijabs are one of the most hotly debated subjects in feminism today. Some call it a symbol of oppression which reinforces the idea that women should hide themselves. Certain section of society finds hijabs very problematic. This is, of course true for all the situations in which the hijab is enforced on women, much like “ghunghats” are imposed on certain Hindu women.

Western countries like France have banned symbols of Muslim or Sikh identity, citing secularism and security reasons. This is causing many young, educated Muslim women to voluntarily wear hijabs, as an assertion of their identity which is under threat of being squished out.

Hijabi Barbie significance

This is why a hijabi Barbie matters. Women should be allowed to choose their clothes, modest or scant, and not be shamed for them. Not representing hijabi women in pop culture because what we see does not appeal to our sensibilities, is unfair. So, no matter what your ideology, this hijabi Barbie is iconic in our polarized world.

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