Massage Chair of Japan!

Japan is an electronic country. Japan’s electronics stores are massive to find anything you are looking for. From a computer to a massage chair and maybe a good night sleep, it’s all out there on the shelves.

Every luxury item is easily available in Japan’s stores. One of the Japan’s store, Ks Store is famous for its massage chairs, and also people falling asleep in these comfy chairs and getting locked inside the store. It sounds really funny but this is true.


Representational image of Massage Chair

Recently one person went Ks store freeloading and enjoyed the comfort of a massage chair at the store when he ended up dosing off.

Nobody in fact checked him. The employees always check if people have left Ks before closing but surely missed out on this dude. Thankfully their alarm system was too tight to monitor such things and went off.

The dude chilling was soon surrounded by 10 police officers as the alarm notified the police. The man was checked thoroughly before leaving him free.

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