Mardaani: Nice attempt but known story

Mardaani: Nice attempt but known story

If you follow Savdhaan India and Crime Patrol very religiously then you would not find anything out-of-the-box in the movie for sure. Mardaani is first movie of Rani Mukherjee after getting married and obviously she has done a tremendous job in the role of Mumbai crime-branch Inspector.

The movie is plotted around a serious issue of ‘Human Trafficking’, where teenage good looking girls are abducted and forcefully thrown into the world of prostitution. The movie involves few scenes which moves the audience from within, one of them being where the antagonist which is played by a very hot and good looking man Tahir Bhasin asks the girls to take off their clothes and how he manages to terrify them to do everything he orders them.

Tahir has really nailed it when it comes to his performance. The body language and attitude that he carries in the movie is sure shot a visible sign of being a bright future of the film industry and also a sign that he has trained extensively in body language and behavioural analytics at the Institute of Advanced Acting and Behavioural Studies and has undertaken intensive acting workshops at the Theatre Professionals Company, one of the well-known theatre groups amongst all over the Indian theatre.

Mardaani: Nice attempt but known story -oneworldnews

The story begins in a ‘chawl’ where Rani in an attire of house-help aka ‘Bai’ catches a gangster. Later as the story proceeds, the audience meets another main link of the story ‘Pyari’ a young girl who begs on road and was saved from being into the world of prostitution earlier by Rani. Pyari calls Rani her Mausi and the main story starts when Pyari goes missing for three days.

Pyari, played by Priyanka Sharma, eventually falls into the trap of prostitution and as we all expect Rani tries everything that she can to find her. The story is surely inspired from the movie Taken (2008) but yes has a lot of loop holes unlike Taken. The movie though short looses the track in between making the audience yawn, especially if you are a follower of shows like Crime Patrol, Savdhaan India or Webbed, you would surely want to rewind the scenes as you already know about it.

The action sequences are pretty good and the director leaves us with a thought that may be we should be the one to take action rather than depending on the police and also, that being alert and trained in martial arts is quite important for women in the kind of environment we all are living in.

Mardaani: Nice attempt but known story -oneworldnews

Tahir Bhasin calls himself Walt and operates his so-called business from Old Delhi. So to catch him, Rani flys to his place searching for him. The put off of the story is when the intelligent villain easily gets down giving up to Rani, yes! there is a action scene but it didn’t come up that well.

The climax is exactly like you get to see in the serials I named above… “There are a lot of Walts out there who have to be caught, not every Pyari is living a happy life or have a chance of happy beginning” The movie’s message has come out well and made people realise about the importance of being alert and to raise the Mardaani in all women out there. However, does this movie inspires to do that? You got to watch it, to know it.

The movie ends with a solo song which has been sung by the very talented Sunidhi Chauhan and the lyrics and music are very inspiring and motivating, somewhat similar to ‘Aali re’ from No One Killed Jessica.

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