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Municipal Corporation demolish slums in Gurugram amid Coronavirus pandemic

Scenes at Marble Colony will make you think, was it the right time to execute the order?

While the government is asking the people to stay indoors during the Coronavirus, slums near Marble market in Gurgaon were demolished. Around 2500 people of 250 families live in this slum. According to a report, Municipal Corporation of Gurugram has demolished around 50 slums of in the month of July. These slums are situated in the Shyam Jha Colony.

Well, this not the first incident reported.  Before this, slums were demolished in sector 47 and sector 51. As per the reports, these actions are being taken under the “Jhuggi Mukt” campaign. Municipal Joint Commissioner Hariom Attri while talking to One World News said that these slums were constructed illegally and they are being demolished as per the order of National Green Tribunal. “The land belongs to Municipal Corporation and no construction is allowed here”, he added.

Residents of slums said that they have been residing there for past 12 to 15 years. When Hariom Attri was asked about it, he said that municipal corporation is not touching old houses in the slums. Only new slums are being demolished. But when our team reached the affected area to confirm the claim of Joint Commissioner, scenes were different.

People said that all the slums that have been demolished are older than 10 years. Residents were beaten by police when they raised voice against the demolition. Also, people who tried to record the incident were beaten by police. Local residents informed us that the police even took belongings with them after demolishing them.

Now, the question arises is that when the whole country is battling the deadly COVID-19, is it fair to make 2500 people homeless? These people who have already lost their jobs have now no place to live.  It is causing them mental stress.

हिंदी में पढ़ें: महामारी के दौरान छीना जा रहा हैं लोगों  का आशियाना: घर के साथ-साथ उम्मीदें भी तोड़ी जा रही हैं!

Here are some questions which need to be answered?

  1. Was it necessary to demolish these slums during the pandemic?
  2. Most of the residents of these slums are daily wage workers. While state authorities are imposing lockdown, where will these people go?
  3. If there was an order for the demolition of slums, why residents were not given notice?
  4. If the order was to demolish homes, why people were not allowed to take their belongings?

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