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Power Of Manifestation: 5 Simple Techniques to manifest your goals faster!

These Simple 5 ways can help you to manifest your goals faster!


  • What Is Manifestation?
  • 5 Simple Steps to Manifest your goal faster
  • Realize the power of Manifestation

A lot of us have heard and read about manifestation.  After all, the 2006 bestseller The Secret introduced a lot of us to the power of manifestation. Well, manifesting is about turning your dreams into reality. A lot of people know about the power of manifestation, but they often complain that they are not able to manifest their goals faster. Today, we will discuss 5 simple techniques to manifest goals faster.

Let us first understand what is Manifestation?

In simpler terms, manifestation means turning your dreams into reality. It’s about putting your intentions towards something that you hope will happen, then watching it happen in real life.  Simply put, if you think it, it will come true.  Many prominent people have spoken about it and how they manifested everything that they wanted in life. From Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra, Deepak Chopra to even Oprah Winfrey, many have spoken about the Power of Manifestation over a period of time.  But one needs to understand that things don’t happen overnight. We have to continuously work towards it. There is a lot to understand before you start your manifesting journey. The first and foremost thing that you need to understand – It is not Magic, it is a process!  Three things to keep in mind before you start your manifestation Journey:

  • Gut Feeling – Belief in yourself. Be it a feeling or any specific manifestation, just give it a try. If you have doubts, then try to find out the root cause of the feeling.
  • Accept your Fears – Accept the fact that what you are seeking is already yours. Don’t let your fears limit you. Accept the fears and focus on what you want and why you want it.
  • Let it Go – Surrender to the situations that you can’t control, trust yourself and the universe.

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Without any further delay, let us take a look at 5 Simple Techniques to manifest your goals faster

  1. Believe in your intuition – One thing you need to get straight, manifestation can be effortless only when it is done right.  You can turn all your dreams into reality. As we mentioned above, manifestation is not magic, it is a process. You have to understand that manifestation requires patience, persistence, and practice. Despite practicing, if you are not able to achieve goals, then you need to recheck your belief. Our belief plays an important role when it comes to manifesting our desires and dreams.  You need to start believing in yourself.
  2. Practice Gratitude – We attract more abundance when we are grateful for things that we already have. You can maintain a journal where you can write down things that you are grateful for. Practicing gratitude on a regular basis can help you to manifest your goals faster. You might consider practicing it at night. Before going to bed, take out time and pen down things for which you are grateful. Universe blesses you with abundance if you appreciate things that you already have in life.
manifest your goals faster
manifest your goals faster

3. Write a letter yourself from your Future Self – Yes, this is another powerful technique to manifest your goal faster.  Take out some time and pen down a letter from your future self to your current self. It’s completely your choice, you might write as you are one year in the future or five years. Close your eyes and imagine and you have achieved your dreams in that period of time. For example – If you are manifesting your life partner – explain every detail and explain your feeling after meeting him or her. Pen it down and keep the letter in a safe place. Read it again when the time comes.

4. Prayer Practice – A lot of times, we miss the important ritual prayer practice. People overlook this technique but connecting to the higher self or to the universe helps in manifesting our goals faster. To explore this, you can find a quiet place where you can sit for 10 or 15 minutes and simply start talking. Simply open your heart and you might be surprised by the insight you get.

manifest your goals faster
manifest your goals faster

5. Take a Pause and check your energy – Remember energy is everything. The energy you give out comes back to you.  It means if you are continuously giving out negative energy, you will attract negative circumstances and energy in return.  If you feel like getting stuck in a negative emotion cycle, take a pause and try shifting your thoughts. Invest in activities that bring joy and happiness. Spend time with nature, start your mornings with prayer or meditation. This will help you to manifest your goals faster.

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To manifest your goals faster you need to understand that it is not magic, it is a process.  It can feel effortless if done right. Connecting yourself to a higher self and checking your energy is the most important thing during the manifestation process. If you found this article useful, do not forget to share it with your loved ones!

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