Make your skin smell good this summer

Make your skin smell good this summer

Have you ever met someone who smells so bad that you just can’t stand them? As per Dr. Deepali Bharadwaj, Dermatologist, sweat contains sodium and chloride and other salts of body and when they excessively get collected in to the folds of the skin and they don’t get washed away more regularly in summers, it leads to a thick odour upon reacting with cloth. Bacteria present in sweat gets worse when it comes in contact with the skin. Hence, she lays stress on the need for frequent showers in Delhi’s scorching summer sun to be odour free!

Further, she spoke about how food also plays an important role in the way you smell, “Food is surely related as certain food items are more odour-genetic. Garlic will surely add to the smell you don’t want besides Indian curry food items and high onion intake in diet will lead to a stronger smelling sweat. In fact, few dairy products such as blue cheese, fermented foods such as sauerkraut, vinegar will add to odour too.

Few ways you can keep your body smell free:

• Bathe once or twice everyday using scented soap or body wash.
• Don’t rub your fragrance after spraying it on, instead mist it into the air and walk through it. Rub the fragrance on areas like behind the neck, ears, on neck etc.
• Use talcum powder for places like underarms, below breast or on chest etc. even dab it on the clothes.
• Remove unwanted/unnecessary hair.
• Use bed-sheet and pillow spray to embrace fragrance when you sleep.
• Wash your hair the very day you feel it is greasy and dirty and do not forget to use hair-spray that has amazing fragrance to it.
• An oil based roller-ball will never harm you. Make sure your purse has it so that the moment you meet your loved ones you do not leave without making a beautiful impression on them.
• Use flower’s petals to add fragrance to the water and take a bath with it. Similar can be done with Neem leaves- its ayurvedic properties would keep you healthy and make you smell good.

“During bath, soap must be applied at these places to clean after which spraying a vaporizer or a deodorant is a good idea in underarms for odour in armpits. Also applying oil, like lavender oil, in armpits overnight is great to change odour and in case of extremely odourful armpits it’s a great idea to apply onion juice off and on which neutralizes and leaves no odour for 24 hours.” says Deepali Bharadwaj, Dermatologist.

Adding further, Dr. Bharadwaj says, “For controlling sweat we dermatologists inject botulinum toxin which has great results and controls hyper-hydrosis hence, makes it odour free too to an extent. Results of injecting botulinum will last up to a year from one session or longer too sometimes and can be done for underarms, forehead, scalp, feet excessive sweating.”

So, now you know how to take care of body-odour. Make sure you follow and recommend these steps to other friends too. For any further details you can contact Dr. Deepali Bharadwaj at 09560450000 or mail her at

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