Make-up tips for beginners: Here is all that you should learn!


Make –up will help you to enhance your looks!

Make-up makes you more beautiful and gorgeous. Well, putting make- up is a matter of choice, but a little bit of make- up can definitely enhance your look. So, if you are new to make –up, here are few handy tips that can help you.

Make-up kit
Make-up kit

What all you should avoid?

Wearing such make-up that makes you feel strange and uncomfortable is a big ‘No’. It is very important to choose correct make-up product which will suit your skin and is based on your skin type. Usually, people match their accessories with their outfits. But if you don’t have matching stuffs, then it’s absolutely fine. You don’t have to follow others.

A fine balance is necessary

You should keep your make-up, outfits and hair in perfect attire. If your outfit is a little seductive, then you carry a bold look. If you are having a dress with oomph factor, you should your make-up minimal. It is important to carry fine balance.


Facts about make-up

Firstly, you should take-off your make-up every night before going to bed. Many of us feel lazy and tired at the end of the day. And due to it we do not remove make- up. But this can adversely affect your skin. There are a lot of options available in the market like make-up remover wipes. For your eyes you can use eye-remover. By this way, make-up will come off easily and you don’t have to rub your face.

Use waterproof products

During monsoon, it is essential to wear make-up that lasts long. It is a very important to invest your money in the right products as your skin can become oily easily in this season. You should use waterproof kajal and eye-liner to avoid smudge around your eyes. You should also carry a long-lasting foundation, waterproof mascara, eye-pencil and matte lipsticks.

Skin care is important

You should use a good cleanser depending on your skin type. A wrong product can make your skin oily and dry. Use a good moisturiser with an SPF factor. If you are going outside, you should wear sunscreen with at least 15SPF, it will save your skin from ultraviolet sunlight. Don’t ignore your lips, so you can use either a lip balm or a lip conditioner.

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