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Make Love Not Scars Book Review: A Saga of Focus & Grit

Make Love Not Scars Book Review:  Story of Loss and Rebuilding

If you have just finished a book and wondering which one to pick up next, then we will highly you recommend the newly released ‘Make Love Not Scars’ by Ria Sharma. It talks about the journey of Ria, who founded the organization with the same at a mere age of 21. Well,  it is a story of fighting back and winning.

Book Review

The book will take you on a journey which was a roller coaster ride. There are moments in the book that could make you sad and angry and can leave you in grief. But it conveys ‘Hope’.  A hope that can change your entire your life. It tells you the power of grit and focus.

What is the book all about?

The book is divided into 22 chapters and after finishing every chapter, you will crave for more. Ria’s journey wasn’t a bed of roses. It had its fair share of thrones. She had to fight ageism and sexism to establish herself.  In her book, she talks about her journey. How the idea came and when did she start working on Acid Attack Survivors project seriously. What all hurdles she faced and how she finally came out as a winner.  The book throws light on a various aspect of Ria’s journey.  One of my favorite chapters in the book is Chapter 14, Kanta: The Fighter. Well, the book will also serve you humorous content too so that’s a bonus, isn’t?

During a candid conversation, Ria said, “I feel lucky that I got my calling at a very young age. But not everybody gets that chance. A lot of times, we have an idea but we don’t know how to execute it.  Above all, it is completely fine to sometimes feel directionless and clueless in life. When I started off my journey I also didn’t how to execute my idea. But I kept one thing constant and that was my ‘Focus’.  After that, things automatically started falling into place.”

 Ria’s journey is closely woven with the stories of many other women who helped her to grow. The book also talks about how it is okay to feel directionless sometimes in life. It talks about the power that lies in you to bring a change.  The book will also guide you on how you can help acid attack survivors.

About Make Love Not Scars

Make Love Not Scars is a Non-Government Organization locate in Delhi. It helps acid attack survivors and so far, the organization has helped around 70 women. It was founded by Ria Sharma in the year 2014. Its rehabilitation center is located in Lado Sarai, and it offers medical, legal as well as financial aid to the victims.  A lot of activities are organized at the center so that victims can rebuild their confidence.

 In a nutshell, Make Love Not scars is a good read. The book will give you the insight into the story of loss, rebuilding, and power of change. If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, do it right now!

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