Book Launch of Make Love Not Scars -by Ria Sharma


Make Love Not Scars:  Story of loss and rebuilding 

Taking Courage in both hands

Millennials are famous for multitasking, they are connected to the world through social media, they possess some different traits which make them extraordinary in some fields. Let us now get with some not so good things about them. Like the older generations, they don’t have clear plans. A lot of times they struggle hard when it comes to professional choices. But it’s not always bad to not have a plan.

Exceptionals are always there, who, instead of following the crowd, proving that anything can be done with determination and patience. Ria Sharma is one of a kind. She has opened the world’s first rehabilitation center for the acid attack survivors. In the center, the victims are supported physically and mentally and are also motivated to work for themselves as well as for their families.

Launching of the Book

Ria Sharma launched a book on February 22nd, 2019 which is an autobiography. A book which will make you believe that there is hope at every point of life, no matter how tough the situation is, you can always achieve your dream if you have the zeal.  At a mere age of 21, she decided to take care of the fellow citizens. To do something for the beloved ones is far more easy than doing something for people who are no one to us.

In the event, two acid attack survivors, Soni, and Zakira Kureshi narrated the whole event which was the turning point of their life. The whole incident might have taken just a few minutes but the after effect of it will be for the whole life.

This is the difference between the common people and Ria Sharma, who without any second thought decided to bring the topic into the limelight and decided to help the victims get justice. In the mid of the year 2015, the End Acid Sale was begun with the aim of putting the ban on retail sale of acid. The campaign gained global support and made history by winning Cannes Gold Lion in Film award.

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The event was all about helping the victims and spreading awareness through all possible mediums. Ria told about the change that came in her life after coming in contact with the victims. She told about the incidents when she was criticized by the crowd for doing something out of the box. In the interview, Zakira told how her family used to scold her after knowing that she is in contact with Ria. Till date, Zakira’s brother is angry with her with the fact that she is staying here with the person who helped her come out of the trauma emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Lady with True Mettle

Ria Sharma is definitely an inspiration to the humankind. What she did and is even doing now is not the task where you need to excel in education or require technical support. The only thing she has and most of us don’t have today is-  Humanity. The. a day we’ll stop being a narcissist and start thinking about other people, the world will become a better place to live in.

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