Make ‘Him’ madly fall for you like a boss: Here are few tricks to follow!

What are the tricks to grab his attention?

Well, it is easy to get attention of a man but it is quite difficult to retain his attention. In today’s era where social media has almost taken over our lives getting along with someone is not that difficult. Sometimes, we may fall for someone and expect him to reciprocate our feelings. It can be difficult but it is not impossible. Today, I will tell you few tricks to make him madly fall for you.

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Want to drive him crazy?

1.Let Your Eyes Talk to Him: Your body language shows everything that what you want to convey, especially when it comes to attract the opposite sex and your partner. You can show your affection or interest in him through your body language. You can use your any body part to show the interest in him but your eyes are the most powerful organ that can help you

2.Maintain little bit of secrets: If you really want a man to obsess over you then be formal and out of his reach. When your eyes are doing well, then probably you should maintain a distance with him. Give him signals that you are approachable but be always out of reach. This simple trick will make him crazy for you and he will try to be around you just to grab your attention.

3.Pay Attention on His Jokes: If your partner is cracking jokes for you, you should also do also some efforts. When his jokes are really funny and making you laughable, then please don’t hesitate to laugh. You can use this opportunity to touch him occasionally. It is an old one but it really works.

dressed-up to kill

4. Dress-Up to Kill Him: If you have a good figure and have sexy curves, flaunt them. Every person has something special or different in his/her appearance. It could be anything like your curves, soft and beautiful hands, big and bold eyes etc. If you find yourself too simple then go and get a makeover. Just pay attention on your looks more than copying anyone. Flaunt your best physical attributes and dress-up to kill and win his heart.

5. Reveal Your Facet Slowly: Most of the women do the same mistake a lot of time that they reveal their facet in their first date. If you really do so, then you will lose his attention in the very first date. A sure fire way to get his attention is reveal your facets slowly. Be mysterious, unpredictable and intriguing. It will definitely make them addicted to you.

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