Madras Day:  ‘Madras is an emotion’, Chennai turns 380 years old!

Parul Srivastava
Chennai turns 380 years old

August 22 Marks Madras Day: Know its history

August 22 marks Madras Day. The city has turned 380 years old.  Madras is now known as Chennai.  Initially, the city was called Chennapattinam and Madraspatanam, soon became Madras and then Chennai.  The city was founded on August 22 in the year 1639.  Notably, the Madras Day celebration was started by Chennai Heritage Foundation in the year 2004. Madras day was started as a citizen initiative has now grown into a week-long affair.  During the celebration a lot of events take place such as walks, poetry, exhibition, reading sessions, public performances and special programs and a local radio too.

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu.  The vast majority claim it to be the best city to live in. It is famous for IIT.  The city has a great passion for music too.  Well, Madras is indeed a feeling. Be it for Dosa or for Thalaiva, Madras aka Chennai holds a special place in our hearts. The city even has a film on its name. How can we forget the Chennai Express? Deepika Padukone’s accent is still fresh in our memory. The word ‘aiyooo’ is a trademark for a lot of people from Chennai.

Oh –so – Special places and people of Chennai

  1. Rajinikanth – The city has given us a legend

The city has given us Rajinikanth, the iconic figure. He is known as the Thalaiva by his fans. The actor has done more than 1000 films.  He is worshipped by his fans and there are temples on his name.

  1. Aroma of Coffee

The city has some best coffee houses in the country. The aroma will make you fall in love with coffee even if you don’t like it.  The good old filter is the most popular kind of coffee available. Breakfast in Chennai is incomplete without coffee.

  1. Oh! What a Lovely Saree

It is known for its saree. You will find some best varieties of sarees in the city. Be it colour, design or the print, the collection of saree will just amaze you.

  1. Marina Beach   

The most clean and tidy beach. It is one of the most popular beaches in Chennai.  There are water sports to enjoy, a beautiful view and good food to rejuvenate your taste buds.

  1. Bharatnatyam

Chennai has given us the famous classical dance form Bharatnatyam. People love it and we will not be wrong to call it the ‘Shaan’ of Chennai.

Happy Madras Day to all! The city has changed many lives.  For a lot of people, it is not just a hometown, it is an emotion and feeling!  May the city continues to shine bright.

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