Mad Teapot Café Review

Mad Teapot Café Review

Mad Teapot Café Review

Hidden Gem in the winding alleys of Shahpur Jat

Alternative Cafés and hybrid restaurants are nothing new to the capital. But finding one with good food is rare. The Mad Tea Pot Café stands as a quaint exception.

Located in the ever-expanding area of ShahpurJat, this cute little café is located inside The Wishing Chair, a shop full of those unique yet impractical things that we all love to buy (or look at on pinterest anyway).


Beautiful displays of The Wishing Chair

By the time you reach the café on the backside of the shop, the place would have grown on you. And by the time you would take your seat (which could take a while, given its popularity and small size), you would be mesmerized by the ambiance and the décor as the colorful and picturesque shop has now turned into a beautifully decorated café.


The shop has all sorts of décor items for sale.

This is usually the turning point for most hybrid or unique themed eateries; this is where it all goes wrong. But here’s the kicker, the best is yet to come.

Food is, according to me, more important than all the innovation, décor and concepts put together when it comes to a restaurant or a café and this is where the Mad Tea pot delivers.


Mad Teapot Lampshade.

Although a vegetarian only café, the quality of food served is above par and the presentation offers a visual delight.

The menu albeit limited, does have some interesting items, and to start with I ordered the Tater Turnabout (potato skins loaded with sour cream, mushrooms and chives) and the Tom and Olive’s Mischief (crispy portions of bruschetta topped with fresh, chopped tomatoes on a black olive paste).


Tea served in a beautiful cup pot.

The Tater Turnabout turned out to be one of the best jacket potato variations I’ve tasted in a long time and is a must try. The potato filling was surprisingly not bland and the crispy potato skins added a new textural dimension to the dish.

The sour cream was light and complemented the flavors perfectly.

The presentation of the dish made it visually very appealing.


The Tater Turnabout

The Tom and Olive’s Mischief was a miss. Slightly bitter in taste, it lacked a binding ingredient and was average at best. The side of mashed potatoes was good though and looked more of a main dish than the bruschetta.


The Tom and Olive’s Mischief.

Next I tried the Far Away Sandwich (sautéed mushrooms, onion, thyme and feta cheese) and the Wood Pasta (spaghetti tossed with well-cooked vegetables).
The far away sandwich is a delicious option for the health conscious as it is a really tasty blend of sautéed mushrooms, onion, thyme and feta cheese packed in perfectly toasted brown bread.


The Far Away Sandwich

The Wood pasta on the other hand, is just the thing to avoid for the health aware as it is packed full of flavors and vegetables accentuated with loads of olive oil. Taste wise, it did pack a punch but was a little too oily for my taste.


The Wood Pasta

In the drinks department, I tried their Cranberry Ice Tea which was refreshingly good and different from the usual lemon and peach blends offered.

Venturing into the teas, I ordered the Autumn Tea with Rose and Lemon balm. The distinct aroma is the first thing that sets it apart and the fine blend is pleasant yet not over-powering.

Dessert options are limited to cupcakes but they do not disappoint. The Chocolate cupcake is perfectly crumbly and the frosting is creamy and delicious. The Lemon cupcake was a visual delight but was overpowered with citric flavors.


The Chocolate and Lemon Cupcake.

They say save the best for last, and by a happy coincidence, I found out that the Hot chocolate was out of this world. Infused with cinnamon and nutmeg, the hot chocolate was a flavorsome blend to end the evening on.


The hot chocolate

Overall, the USP of this place would still be the décor, but it will also cater well to the foodie in you.

I give it a rating of 4.1/5.


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