#MaakehaathkaKhaana: 8 things you’ll relate to if you were brought up in a Desi family!

Mother’s Day Special: What are you planning for her?

No matter how right or wrong we are, it’s our mother who always support us unconditionally.  Mother’s day is around the corner, and we are sure you all are geared up for the celebrations. Our mom is a superwoman, isn’t? She can handle a lot of things together and being a mother is definitely not easy. We all know that making everyone happy around us is just next to impossible, but our mothers does it effortlessly. Well, there is something special about the persona of Desi moms. They have a superpower that is called Sarcasm.  They  also know the art of blackmailing. But the crux is that we just can’t live without them.

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Here are 8 things that you will relate to if you were brought up in a desi family!

 1.She often tells us- “Ghar kyu aati hai office hi reh jaya kar”: A lot of us work for longer hours. So we happen to reach home late, just have our food and head to our bedrooms. So, this epic dialogue comes from her as taunt. We know she just wants to spend some time with us.

 2.Dare if you take the side of your boyfriend during a discussion with her: Nobody can love us more than our moms. She becomes super happy when we start dating someone. After all, every mother wants to see her child settled and happy. But sometimes she just tells you that you need to love her more than your partner. A lot times when you take side of your partner during a discussion with her she will say –“Uska chaar din ka  pyaar tujhe zyada matter karta hia aur mai jo 25 saalo se teri problems solve karti hoon uska kuch nhi.”

 3. There is nothing more satiating than Maa ke haath ka khaana: Yes, we all have to admit that there is nothing that can replace maa ke haath ka khaana. We all love it! Every time you will have food she will ask, Bta kaisa bana hai? Sometimes it could be irritating but we cannot deny the fact that a lot of efforts goes into preparing food for us.

4. If you and your sister doesn’t know how to cook: Do – Do ladkiyaan hai par khaane ka sukh nhi hai. Phone chalva lo inse. This is a super taunt that every girl hears.

Super mom

5. Papa se Pucho (Ask your dad): Whenever if we ask her for extra cash, she will tell us- Papa se puch lo,  mere pass paise nhi hai?

 6. Beta, jis deen khud maa banogi tab baat karungi: Isn’t it a quite familiar phrase? We all hear it on a regular basis.  This comes when she gets emotional on our tantrums. And we know she is right! It’s not easy.

7.  Apne Pati se aise baat karegi tu? Son- in -laws in our society are treated like kings. So, whenever you misbehave with her she will say – Are you going to talk like this with your husband and in –laws?  You will soon get married learn some etiquette.

8. Papa ko aane do aaj, unko  batati hoon tumhare harkate : Let your dad come I will him that what you have done. This one is her favourite. She knows how to get things done and use her emotional card whenever needed.

These all things might irritate at some point of time. But we definitely can’t live without them.   She means world to us. This mother’s day take her out for dinner and let her know that she means world to you.

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