This is what ‘Luv-Kush’ duo is doing after 32 years of ‘Uttar Ramayana’ release

One is a CEO in a successful company and the other is continuing his passion for acting

The decision of the government to re-telecast the Ramayana has emerged as a masterstroke as it destroyed every record and became the most watched Television show. More than 77 million viewers were watching the show on April 16 making it the most watched TV show. Who would have thought that Ramayana will create havoc among people and make people stick to television? However, the 78-episode show ended it’s run and left 7.7 crore people with a void.

This void could only have been fulfilled by the second part, ‘Uttar Ramayan’ which is why DD National brought back the show on national television. People continued to adore the emotional story of Luv-Kush and their reunion with father, Lord Ram. While watching the adorable duo of Luv-Kush, we thought what would they be doing now. After all, it has been more than 32 years since it was telecasted first.

Luv – Mayuresh Kshetramade

The cute Luv with bow and arrow is actually a CEO of a company called Commission Junction Affiliate. He is currently settled in the United States and has established himself as quite a successful businessman. Apart from running a company, he has also written a book titled, Spite and Development.

You would be surprised to know that the adorable Luv owns a great Instagram profile. Have a look at some of his posts.


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Kush – Swwapnil Joshi

Swwapnil Joshi aka the pearl-studded bun owner Kush nurtured his passion for acting and is a successful actor now. The 42-year-old actor has also played the role of young Krishna in Ramanand Sagar’s show “Krishna.” After a small break, Swwapnil Joshi made his acting comeback as a youth actor with Sanjeev Bhattacharya’s show “Campus.” He continued working in Hindi Shows like Des Mein Nikla Hoga Chand, Dil Vil Pyar Vyar, Hudd Kar Di, Hare Kkaanch Ki Choodiyan.

Swapnil has also been a part of various comedy shows of Comedy Circus. In the first season, he was paired with V.I.P. and the duo was declared the runner-up in the show. He then was a contestant in various further seasons of Comedy Circus. Joshi also had a Radio Show on his name “The Swapnil Joshi Show on Red FM 93.5.

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