Lunar New Year 2019: 10 Interesting facts you need to know

Lunar New Year 2019: Year of the pig begins!

Millions of people have traveled to their hometowns in China for the celebration of Lunar New Year 2019. It is also known as the Spring Festival. It is celebrated by several countries in Asia.  Special Clothes, good food, and red lanterns will mark this special occasion. Notably, it is the start of Pig Year. Pig is one of 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac sign. It is believed to be a symbol of optimism, enthusiasm, and hard work.

Here are 10 interesting facts you need to know:

1. It is not known as Chinese New Year by the locals

Locals don’t call it Chinese New Year. It is known as Spring Festival- the New Year is determined by the lunar calendar. From late January to mid-February, Vietnam and other countries celebrate Lunar New Year

2. It is a 15-day long celebration

Lunar New Year lasts for 15 days. It is an action-packed holiday. There is so much that you can do during these 15 days such as horse races, watch parades, bargain in bazaars, and much more

3. Lunar New Year means entire country on streets

Lunar New Year is basically having an entire country throw a family reunion- all at once. Did you know it is the world’s biggest season of human migration? Everybody travels during this season to see their loved ones.

4. Firecrackers are burnt to keep the Nian monster at bay

According to legends, half dragon, half lion monster Nian comes out during this season and attacks children. His weakness is sensitive ears. In the ancient period time, people would light bamboo stalks on fire to frighten the monster.  Now –a –Days, firecrackers are burnt to keep the monster away.

5. Red is the color of Lunar Year

The color red is associated with luck and prosperity. According to legends in China, Nian, the monster is afraid of this color.  That is why we see color red in the decoration of Lunar New Year.

6. You can’t miss the sweets

Yes, it is the time for sweets.  Lunar New Year marks new beginnings and there is no better way to start it with sweets.

7. The festival has its own movie genre

Hong Kong and China have a film genre called Hesuipian devoted to Lunar New Year. The films shown to people are usually illogical, uplifting comedies and focusing on Happy Ending to make people feel warm.

8. It is the season of superstitions

A lot of superstitions are followed during these 15 days. People don’t take out the trash – doing so is said to wash away your luck and prosperity. People hang out with their families on the second day, especially with in-laws for a prosperous Year ahead.

9. You can rent a partner

This is a season for singles to get mingle. Singles often face a lot of nagging from their families on settling down. Now, there is a solution. You can rent and girlfriend or a boyfriend. You can also choose the package according to your wish which includes cuddles, kisses, hugs and holding hands.


This is known as the Pig Year. It is one of the 12 signs.  According to Feng Shui experts in China, 2019 will be a stable year. People born under this sign are generous in personality and some unexpected surprises are waiting for them. Birth years will fall under this sign are 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1983, 1995, 2007, and 2019 in future 2043.  We wish you all a very Happy New Lunar Year. May this year bring a lot of prosperity and luck in your life.

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