Lunar Eclipse 2021: Things to do during Chandra Grahan according to your Rashi?

Lunar Eclipse 2021 & its impact on your Zodiac Sign

The Moon will be closest to the earth today. Notably, it will mark the largest full Moon appearance of the year, also known as the Super Moon. The Super moon falling on May 26, 2021, is even more special as it also coincides with this year’s only total lunar eclipse, which is the first lunar eclipse since January 2019.  Notably, the two celestial events are taking place on the same day and this also known as a Super Blood Moon.  Lunar Eclipse 2021 is special. Let us take a look at how Chandra Grahan will impact your rashi?

The Chandra Grahan will show its impact from 2 pm – 8 pm. It will not be clearly visible from the bare eyes, however, it will have an impact on your zodiac signs. Let us take a look:

Lunar Eclipse 2021

Aries, Taurus, Gemini – What all lies for them in future?

Aries natives, health can be a concern. Their monetary aspects will not be disturbed on a bigger level.  Experts advise them to donate moong dal today. It could be very beneficial for them. Taurus natives need to take care of their partner’s health. A slight indifference in marital life can be experienced. Taurus native can chant ‘Om Hanumantey Namah’ during the grahan as it will provide you protection.  Talking about Gemini natives, this period will bring a lot of financial gains. With a small amount of hard work, they will get amazing results.

Lunar Eclipse 2021
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Cancer, Leo, Virgo: How will grahan impact them?

As far as cancer natives are concerned, they will be inclined towards spiritual practice. They might face health issues but chanting Lord Shiva will bring peace to them. Natives of Leo are advised to donate rice without failing. Family support is expected and they will be able to flourish their business.  Apart from Leo, this Chandra Grahan will bring good results for Virgo natives too. They feel a sense of stability. Monetary gain will be less but worshipping Lord Vishnu will bring abundance.

 Lunar Eclipse 2021
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Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius – What all they should be doing?

Mild fluctuations in the career path of Librans can be seen. It can also impact their health. But chanting Shree Shuktam Paath will bring benefits. Notably, the green  is taking place in Scorpio so the Scorpio natives will suffer a little less.  Issues related to health and marital life can bother them. Scorpio natives are advised to chant Hanuman bahuk during the grahan Talking about Sagittarius, their rivals will be destroyed today. But they are advised to keep their anger in check during the grahan as it can impact their relationship.

Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Capricorn natives will experience monetary gain and their romantic relationships will flourish. Their health might bother them. They must donate urad dal today. Aquarians might face problem in lending and borrowing money. They are advised to worship Lord Vishnu.  For Pisces native, the grahan will bring positive results. Purchasing land or assets will be a favourable thing for this Zodiac. They are advised to donate gramfloor.

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