DIY: How to give your home a makeover in low budget?

Budget-Friendly Home Decor ideas: Give your home a makeover in low budget 

At first glance, home decor ideas seem confusing but who doesn’t want to live in a beautiful house? A lot of people home decor needs a lot of time and money. But the reality that home decor is a piece of cake if done right. Today, we will be discussing how to give your home a makeover in a low budget?

Update the Existing Accessories

Buying a new Sofa could be an expensive process. In that case, you can update the existing accessories. Change the Upholstery, update your cushion covers, or you can just get a fresh coat of paint where the edges are rough.

Add Interior Plants

Not only they will make your room look better, but will also cost you less.  They will freshen up the room at low cost. You can arrange a couple of planters in a corner.  If you find living plants difficult to maintain, then you can also opt for artificial plants.

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Play with Walls

Walls play an important role in home decor. You can decorate walls with wallpapers, paintings, wall hangings, and beautiful pictures. If you are in a mood experiment, then colour one side of the wall to give it a refreshing look. You can get all these at Sarojini Nagar & Janpath at best deals.

Rearrange the furniture

It could be a good option. Simply rearranging your furniture can make help you to give a complete makeover to your home. But do keep in mind factors such as convenience and comfort while rearranging your space.

Personal Touch to show your creativity

If you have an empty wall in the kitchen, then give it a fresh look by adding a personal touch. Hang a Pinup board, stick recipes, photos or simply create an exciting photo –wall.  The idea is to give a brightening effect to dull walls.


Small changes or adjustments in the house can give it a complete makeover. If you are looking for budget-friendly decor ideas, then these will come handy. It will not only save your time, but they are even time effective.

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