Love VS Respect: What is more important in a relationship?

Love VS Respect: What will you choose?

Well, love is a wonderful feeling and being in love with someone can make your life full of colors. Falling in love with someone is easy, but giving your 100 percent in a relationship can be tricky.

Love VS Respect
Love VS Respect

A Happy Relationship = Love + Respect . But what if you have to choose between Love and Respect? What it is more important?

Is the love only a factor to be in a relationship? Today, just like us, our relationships have also become sensitive. And it has become difficult for us to handle these sensitive relationships.

Today’s generation demands respect and equality in a relationship. Love is important but respect is more important than love.

Love can make your life full of colors but if it lacks respect your relationship can become toxic.

How to identify that your relationship lacks respect?

1. It’s all about your partner. He/she never try to understand your point of view.

They get violent, if you decide to say NO to them.

What will you choose between Love and Respect
What will you choose between Love and Respect

3. There is a communication gap between you two. It’s about giving orders

4. Physical abuse is involved. They commit mistakes and then every time they say sorry

5. He/she never accepts his or her mistakes.

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