Love, Pain and Music this young man has just nailed it by his song: You take a look here!


Music is best way to relax! Isn’t guys? From Arijit Singh to Yo yo Honey all are the singing sensations of the industry. But still youngsters are crazy for the rapping songs may be they connect with them better. Young passionate Shubham Sharma is all set to enter in this rapping world. Well, snipper Shubham is just 19 and his rapping song is based on his real life experience

Song titled ‘Janeman Na Tu Meri, Na Mai Tera’ is already getting love from the people. Shubham is inspired by the legend rapper Bhoemia as this famous rapper invented the rap music. He was quoted saying “ DJ Sumit Sharma was one who inspired him to sing this song as Shubham shares great bonding with him.”

He further added that, he chose to rap because craze of rapping is quite famous among youngsters. Shubham want to build his career in this rapping world and our good wishes are with the young talented guy!

His next rapping song will be ‘Back Benchers’ and ‘Street Guys’. Title seems interesting. Just listen to song, you will surely enjoy it:-

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