Look gorgeous at every age with these super easy Make –up tips

Here is how you can look beautiful at every age?

Make-up is not only a great way to conceal one’s flaws but also to enhance your facial features. It is getting ready for the world with the same confidence and flaunting oneself. Make-up varies from one age group to another, like in 20’s something you have great skin and can try out the latest make up trends and recent runways up dos. Today, we will tell you super –easy make –up tips that you can try according to your age.

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Make-up Trends For Twinkling Twenty

1. In our 20 plus skin is in its best form, you don’t need to put much effort. You don’t need to apply a heavy layer of foundation.

2. Just cleanse your face well with a good cleanser and dab on some moisturizer.

3. Put on mascara and curl your eye lashes, it will simply make your eyes look bigger and pop out.

4. And don’t forget to experiment with liquid eye liners. “Liquid liner is the equivalent to stiletto heels for your eyes”. Opt for graphic and cat eye liners.

5. Take the benefit of your age, and play with various different hues, from fuchsia pink to deep coral and deep red to ruby woo.

Make-up Trends For Thrilling Thirty

1. During the 30’s the skin starts to lose its elasticity and moisture. So, religiously apply a good quality moisturizer.

2. You can include contouring tools in your make-up to give proper definition to your facial features as well as lifts your face.

3. Use a good quality concealer under your eyes to hide the dark circles, and patchy skin

4. Try out lipstick shades in deep purple, cinnamon, different shades of red and orange undertones.

5. Highlight your eyes by using light bronze or light golden eye shadow. And for liners opt for classic eye liners by creating thin line outsides the eyes.

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Make up Trends For Fabulous Forty

1. After reaching this age, skin starts to lose its radiance and one starts to notice fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and corners of your mouth. Use a good quality moisturizer daily.

2. Start applying sunscreen daily to protect your skin from additional sun damage.

3. Instead of using only black colored liners and mascara, add something more to your make-up. Use white eye pencil on the waterlines of your eyes as it will make your eyes look bigger.

4. Play with colors; don’t be petrified to experiment with your hair. You can highlight your tresses and at the same time you can hide the greys.

5. Use a good quality concealer to conceal the flaws, and add pink tone blush to add color to your cheeks.

Make-up Trends For Fantastic Fifty

1. After reaching this age, your skin starts to lose its firmness and smoothness.

2. So, you don’t only have to use a good quality moisturizer but also use a rich night cream every day before sleeping to wake up rejuvenated.

3. Use creme blush instead of using powder blush as it blends easily into the skin and give you a dewy look.

4. Instead of using matte lipstick, use gloss. Lip gloss will give your lips a plumper look and the creases of your lips will also get unnoticed.

5. Apply soft Kohl eye liner rather than dark liquid eye liners as it will make your lids appear less creased.

Try these super easy tips whenever you next put make up. This will not only enhance you look, but will also help you to look attractive. After all, age should not become a hurdle when it comes to putting make –up.

Inputs by : Aashmeen Munjaal a make-over expert

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