Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Mamta clarifies her “Slap” remark on PM


The never-ending Word-war has been going on since Lok Sabha Election started

Minutes after Narendra Modi replied on Mamta Banerjee’s  “Slap” remark, Mamta clarifies that she said “Slap of Democracy”. Mamata had earlier said that Modi should receive a tight slap of democracy on reacting about Modi’s Trinamool Tolabaji tax jibe.

In return, Modi said that he takes Mamta’s slap as a blessing. He said “she talks about slapping me, She talks about throwing stones at me, she is not ready to recognize the country’s PM. I take it as a blessing”.

I will send sweets made of stones so that it breaks PM’s teeth

In a rally at Purulia’s Simulia, TMC leader attacked PM again and elaborated on the comment that she didn’t want to slap PM literally. She added that Modi will be voted out of the government. She said “I didn’t talk about literally slapping the PM; people will vote him out from the government. Why would I throw stones at him, I offered him sweets made up of mud and stones which will break his teeth and stop him from lying”.

Modi accused Mamta of not taking Centre’s help in Cyclone Fani matter

Earlier Modi accused Mamta of not taking the central government’s help in Cyclone Fani disaster. He said “Mamta didn’t think it was important to take PM’s call. He said his officers were ready to help West Bengal before the cyclone but she refused for the meeting. Her self-importance will be the end of her downfall.

He also accused West Bengal government of stopping the three Social Security schemes launched by Central Government on Tagore’s birth anniversary. He added Mamta is degrading the constitution and disparaging the high office of PM.

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This word-war was also expected

The word-war was always expected between these two but we never thought that they will go this deep in it. They both are campaigning for their parties BJP and Trinamool Congress and trying to win as many seats. The sixth phase of election is scheduled on 12th May and the results for the same will be declared on 23rd May.

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