Lohri 2020: Why first Lohri is so special for newlyweds?

lohri 2020

Lohri  2020: Significance of Lohri for a  new bride & how to make it special?

The best thing about India is that it has a lot of festivals. We have not yet got over the celebrations of New Year, and Lohri 2020 is almost here. Every festival has its own traditions, rituals and dress code. Lohri is another vibrant festival that is celebrated every year on January 13. As Lohri 2020 is approaching, we are going to tell you why it is auspicious for newlyweds?

The festival of Lohri is primarily celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus all across the nation. The festival of Lohri marks the end of the winter season. It celebrates the days getting longer as the Sun proceeds on the northward journey.  The occassion becomes extremely auspicious for the newlyweds and also for the newborn.  The first Lohri by the new bride or by the newborn represents a grand occassion. All the family members are invited to the feast. It is a happy occassion for the couples who celebrate Lohri for the first time after marriage.  Bonfire is done and special dance Bhangra is also being performed by the family members to mark the auspicious day.

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Importance of first Lohri for the newlywed

It is considered very important and is celebrated on a larger scale. The families of the couple gather for the celebration. The bride gets ready by wearing new clothes, putting Heena , and a beautiful bindi.  On the other hand, the husband also wears new clothes. On the occassion of the first Lohri celebration, the bride is given jewelry and new clothes by her parent –in-laws. It is extremely special for the couple as they seek blessings for a blissful married life.  Basically, Lohri is celebrated with traditional dancing and singing around the bonfire. People take three rounds of the fire and then,  the prasad of Raveri, groundnuts, til, popcorns are distributed. Bhangra is performed and it comes to an end with lavish Punjabi dinner.

Happy Lohri to everyone! 

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