‘Hum To Dube Hai Sanam, Tumhe Bhi Le Dubenege’, 5 instances of Indians being ignorant towards COVID-19 precautions

Pictures that will break you and make you think that all the efforts and sacrifices were for nothing

There was a time, a month back when more than half of the total population on earth was in lockdown due to the global pandemic. India too went under strict lockdown measures to stop the spread of novel coronavirus. It’s not that easy to put a country with more than 130 crore population and whose economy is dependent upon domestic consumption to continue lockdown for a long time. Obviously for the economic reasons! So, Indian government gradually started giving relaxations in the COVID-19 measures to kickstart the economy.

The unlock 1 allowed the intra-state and inter-state travel of goods and people, reopening of restaurants, malls, shops and places of worship. For more than 70 days, the country prepared its health system to be ready to handle the coronavirus patients. Once, the health infrastructure was ready, India went on to ease the restriction. However, it didn’t mean that things are normal and COVID-19 will not infect us. Many of us do not understand it and are not following the social distancing norms. We are showing you some glimpses of people which might make you think that all the hard work, sacrifices that we put for more than 2 months were for nothing.

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A June 3 visual after the unlock 1.0. People came out in huge numbers on roads which ultimately resulted in traffic jams.

We wonder, where is the human conscience? Are we this dumb!

New Zealand achieved the feat of eradicating COVID-19 from their country by the active participation of citizens by following the government’s guidelines. Which guidelines these people are following in Rajasthan?

This was posted by the India Today journalist when the government had allowed opening the alcohol shops in the third lockdown.

While there was a debate if the middle seat of the flights should be used or not, this is how passengers in a flight are maintaining social distance.

It is understandable that gyms are yet now allowed to open as it is one of those places where the coronavirus can spread rapidly. But protesting without social distancing norms and open masks is ridiculous

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