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10 highlights from guidelines issued for lockdown 2.0: Some relief finally!

MHA issues guidelines for lockdown 2.0, agriculture, select activities in rural areas to resume from 20th April

The Home Affairs Ministry issued detailed guidelines for lockdown 2.0 which started today and will stay till 3rd May. The government has allowed agricultural activities, health services and industries operating in rural areas to function in an attempt to ease public hardship in the wake of coronavirus outbreak. In a big relief, the government has also allowed the movement of people who are facing an emergency. This emergency situation could be veterinary care, medical and for procuring essential commodities. However, the government also said that people will only be allowed to move if they strictly follow social distancing.

Here are top 10 highlights from the guidelines issued for lockdown 2.0

1. Travel service via Air, bus, rail, metro and inter-state travel remains suspended for common people.

2. Certain activities are permitted from 20th April including agricultural, farming, horticultural, procurement of Agri products, ‘mandis’. Shops of farm machinery, its spare parts, repairs, supply chain will be allowed to open.

3. Manufacturing of units of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, constructions of medical infrastructure to remain open.

4. In the guidelines for lockdown 2.0, it is said that the supply chain of milk, milk products, tea, coffee, rubber, poultry and livestock farming will resume.

5. People who are facing an emergency can be allowed to travel. Only the driver of the vehicle is allowed in the case of two-wheelers and one passenger besides the private vehicle owner is permitted in the cases of four-wheelers.

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6. All personnel travelling to the place of work and back in the exempted categories (guidelines of first phase), will also be allowed to move, as per the instructions of the state/UT local authority.

7. The Home Ministry has made it necessary for everyone to wear a mask or home-made face cover in public places across the country in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak.

8. All social, religious, political, sports functions, religious places, places of worship will remain closed for public till May 3.

9. Educations institutions like schools, colleges, coaching centres, will remain closed until the lockdown 2.0 period ends.

10. Exemptions given from April 20 will not be applicable in coronavirus hotspots or containment zones. State/UT government can’t dilute the lockdown guidelines in any manner but can impose stricter measures as per local requirements.

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