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Complete Lockdown in Delhi? Here is all that we know

Complete Lockdown in Delhi: CM Kejriwal unveils its 1-week action plan

As the air quality in Delhi worsened, it is like an emergency situation in Nation’s capital.   On November 13, the Pollution Control Authority asked people in the national capital to limit their activities. It was also advised that government and private organizations should cut their vehicle use to 30 %. The air quality index ranked 471, and as per Central Pollution Control Board, it is the worst of this season so far.

Stubble burning by farmers in a large amount is considered among the major reasons for pushing up Delhi’s pollution. So will there be a complete lockdown in Delhi? Here is all that we know!

Supreme Court Suggests Lockdown For Delhi

The Supreme Court also took account of this situation and termed it to the level of ‘emergency’. It also stressed that crucial measures need to be taken as soon as possible. The Apex Court also took note of the opening of schools in the national capital and asked authorities to take measures like clamping lockdown in Delhi, putting vehicles off-road.

“The immediate measures are expected both from the Delhi and Central government,” said SC.

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Chief Kejriwal’s 1-week action

The Delhi government announced a series of measures to be implemented amid rising pollution after the Supreme Court suggested a 2-day lockdown.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced a 1-week action plan to be implemented from 15 November 2021.

1. As per Delhi CM, no physical classes will be held in Delhi schools for a week.

2. The Delhi government decided to switch to ‘work from home’ for 100% of the workforce starting from Monday.

3. Private offices in the national capital were advised to switch to the work from home option as much as possible.

4. According to the Delhi Government, no construction activity will be allowed between November 14 and 17 in the national capital.

Kejriwal’s action plan came after the Apex Court termed the pollution situation in Delhi-NCR as ‘emergency’ and suggested a lockdown to fix the situation. Kejriwal said they are drafting a proposal, which will be placed in front of the Supreme Court regarding measures to curb pollution.

He also added that before taking an extreme step of lockdown, it is important to take everyone in confidence.  CM Kejriwal also warned that if the situation gets worse further in the capital, the government might stop construction and vehicular movement.

The situation of pollution in the Delhi-NCR turned to a level of concern post-Diwali and was further aggravated by stubble burning.

Due to the situation getting worse, the Central Pollution Control Board advised people to limit outdoors activities.

 Is India in the grip of corona again? 

As per the reports of Indian Express, Delhi is facing Covid-19 threat again as Corona daily cases count are more than 60 in the past 2 months. As per Hindustan Times, only two deaths were reported so far.

As per a close source,  “On an average, only 50 dead bodies are coming for cremation on a daily basis. In addition, most of the death reasons were accidental, heart attack, or any other natural causes. However, so far, the cremation center has witnessed no bodies of Corona Virus infection.”

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