Lockdown has ended Family Distancing in India & we should be grateful

International Family Day:Nothing can beat the warmth of #FamJam 

May 15 marks the International Family Day. It was first celebrated in the year 1993. It is celebrated to understand the importance of loving & supporting family. Nothing can replace the joy of having a loving family in this world. Mother, Father, and Siblings, they make our world complete. It is a single word with different meanings and it holds special place in everyone’s heart. From standing together in difficult times to celebrating every small achievement, family remains constant, right?

Earlier, in India, we used have joint families. Today, the concept of joint family is a passe. More nuclear families and more distance between members. Luckily, the new decade has started off with the concept of lockdown and social distancing. Resulting that we all are locked in our homes with our near and dear ones.

Every coin has two sides so does COVID. The lockdown has ended the family distancing in India and we should be thankful.

We are together and it’s good old days 

We are having food together, doing dishes together, playing games, and striking meaningful conversations. Isn’t a good feeling? We are able to spend time with our parents, kids, and partner that we rarely used to get. After so long people are actually not on Phone, they are actually making effort to be more and more with their family. The lockdown period has given us a chance of coming closer.

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Five ways to make this time special because ‘Yeh Waqt Doobara nhi milega’

  1. 1.Watch Films together :   Make a list of films you want to watch together. Make a schedule, and watch them. Take suggestions from everyone in the family and enjoy the giggles. Just you and your family.
  2. Try to cook different cuisines : Good food makes everyone happy. This is the time when you can experiment. Try different cuisines and enjoy together.
  3. 3.Play Games together : No we are not recommending PUBG ( Play if you want)  . We are talking about games like musical chair, Ludo, Hide and Seek, the one everyone can play and enjoy.
  4. 4 Don’t forget the Terrace Time : You can’t got out, but you can always go on terrace. Go with your kids or parents. Don’t miss out the fresh air these days.
  5. Embrace group hugs and talk things you always wanted to : A lot of times, we want to discuss with our parents , siblings or even with our partner, but we don’t get time. This is time to strike all those conversations you always wanted to have. But don’t bring old grudges, especially with your partner. Should we tell you the consequences?

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