Countdown for lockdown 4.0 begins, What to expect?

As we near the lockdown 4.0, speculations are rising, here’s what you can expect?

After surviving the three phases of coronavirus lockdown, India is all set to enter the fourth phase from May 18. The first lockdown was implemented on March 25 which lasted for 21 days. The second was of 19 days in duration and the ongoing third lockdown is of 14 days which will end on May 17. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his last address to the nation said that lockdown 4.0 will be in a new look and new form. He probably indicated that there will be some ease on the restrictions. Speculations related to the lockdown 4.0 are rising as the countdown for the lockdown 4.0 has begun. Here is what we can expect in the coronavirus lockdown 4.0.

State authorities might get control over finalizing zones

The bigger change expected in the lockdown 4.0 is that state authorities will be given more control on how to they want to ease restrictions. In the last 6-hour meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the various CMs of the state and UTs, many chief ministers asked the PM to leave it to the states to map Red, orange and green zones. This wish might get granted in the lockdown 4.0 guidelines.

States are likely to allow the resumption of all standalone markets, industrial activities from May 18 onwards. Public transport such as taxis and autos are expected to return on roads with certain restrictions on the number of passengers along with intra-district travel, except in containment zones. Permission to home-delivery of goods is likely to be given.

Educational institutions including school, college, private tuition will remain closed as summer holidays are expected from May end or June. Similarly, religious and political gatherings will remain prohibited, however, the government might think of opening shopping malls in non-containment zones. Marriage and funerals will continue to be allowed with limited attendance.

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State-wise relaxations

Some state may allow specific relaxation like inter-state travel. Karnataka government seems to resume its inter-state travel on the condition of 14-days quarantine. Rajasthan and Kerala have also supported the inter-state travel while Bihar and Jharkhand are concerned about it.

Karnataka may open gyms, restaurants and hotels. Kerala wants to resume domestic flights, metro services, restaurants, local trains, restaurants and hotels to revive on the tourism sector.

Telangana which has extended the lockdown till May 29 is likely to ease more restrictions. Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are also looking to allow resorts and hotels to open with limited capacity. Gujrat wants to resume all economic activity except in Ahmedabad, which accounts for 70 per cent of total cases.

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