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Loan Aid Rumor: Akshay kumar Denies Helping Sunny Deol

Akshay Kumar's representative has dismissed reports of aiding Sunny Deol's loan repayment to save his property. The bank also withdrew the auction notice for Deol's home.

Akshay Kumar’s representative refutes aiding Sunny Deol’s loan repayment rumor, labeling it false. Both actors’ films, Gadar 2 and OMG 2, released simultaneously and achieved box office success.

Reports suggesting that Akshay Kumar is assisting Sunny Deol in repaying his loan have been debunked by Akshay’s spokesperson. The claim that Akshay was stepping in to aid Sunny in settling his loan to prevent the auctioning of his Juhu home has been declared as “absolutely untrue.” The genesis of the rumor was a bank’s notice of e-auction for Sunny’s Juhu property due to an outstanding loan of approximately ₹56 crore. However, Bollywood Hungama’s report alleging Akshay’s involvement in resolving this issue, by offering to contribute a significant portion of the loan and arranging for Sunny to repay him over a specified period, has been refuted by Akshay’s spokesperson.

Dismissing the speculations, Akshay’s spokesperson firmly stated that all claims regarding Akshay Kumar’s role in assisting Sunny Deol with his loan repayment are without basis.

Interestingly, the day following the emergence of this rumor, the bank rescinded the auction notice for Sunny’s Juhu bungalow, attributing the decision to a technical glitch.

It’s pertinent to note that “Gadar 2,” starring Sunny Deol, and “OMG 2,” featuring Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi, were both released on August 11. Both films experienced box office success.

In conclusion, reports of Akshay Kumar’s involvement in aiding Sunny Deol with his loan repayment have been officially denied by Akshay’s spokesperson. The claims made by media outlets regarding Akshay’s supposed assistance have been deemed false.

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