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Understanding about the cosmic truth – Free Will

In my previous article, we discussed how we are all vibrational energies, part of a cosmic and divine whole, which is pure unconditional love, never changing, magnanimous, gentle, kind, non-judgmental and ever-present – the highest vibrational energy, which encompasses all vibrations.

A very good question then emerges from this is that if we are all a part of this beautiful, ever-loving, non-judgmental and benign, then why do we face so many difficulties in life?  Why isn’t everyone’s life beautiful and amazing?

This is because of another cosmic truth – free will. Though we are all a part of this divine whole, we still exhibit something called a free will, which means that we enjoy the privilege of using and exhibiting choice in our birth, our genetics, our circumstances, and our lives as a whole.

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According to sages, our soul, which separates from the divine, is ‘born’ as an infant which starts a journey of many lives, learning from its experiences to grow in knowledge till it re-merges with the Divine, the state of ‘Moksha’.

During this journey, the soul may experience different life forms, as well as human, with different living conditions. The deeds of the previous life determine the present – Theory of Karma in short.

According to this theory, we choose our parents, our family, circumstances, education, physicality, relationships, worldly comforts etc., etc.

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In turn, they bring karmic attributes from our genes – our DNA of our parents, grandparents, their parents – our genetic lineage; The company we keep, our environment, our society – all also have an impact on our thinking, which also affects how we go about our lives and create fresh Karma.

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If seen this way, all can seem hopeless, with so many influences on our lives, then it may be argued that it is pointless to think about it, as our lives are already predetermined to their circumstances.

This is where Free Will again comes into play.  We humans are unique creatures with Power of Thinking and making decisions.  This also involves making decisions to change our lives by first changing our thoughts, and thus our circumstances, or how we react to our experiences.

These thoughts can be negative or positive, depending on their energy vibrations (remember we are all vibrations, and we live in a vibrations universe).  These vibrations are determined by the energy behind them – are they of anger, jealousy, frustration, lack, scarcity, revenge, hatred or such like –  or of love, joy, abundance, compassion and such like.

Our thoughts and actions all emit vibrations – like tuning into a radio channel.  Tuning into low vibrations act as beacons for low vibration experiences, while tuning into high vibrations similarly attract high vibrational experiences of love, joy, abundance, etc.

free will
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It can sound very difficult and easy at the same time.  However, as a matter of fact, it is quite simple and easy but does involve a modicum of discipline to start with.  The discipline is to consciously start observing one’s own thoughts and actions, including spoken words.  Taking note of how one feels deep inside with these – both the low vibration thought and word actions and the high vibrational ones.

An important barometer to check these thoughts and actions is: Do I want this same thought or action for my loved ones and myself? – remember – what goes around, comes around.

Like Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”.

So, when we think, it is a good idea to check the energy of our thought, word and physical deed actions against this simple statement. This is a very good place to start changing our lives, as we start becoming consciously aware of what we are asking for in our lives.

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