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Literacy VS Education: Are you really getting yourself educated?

Are you really educating yourself or just trying to get the degree only?

Literacy and Education are two very important terms. They might sound similar but they have different meanings. It is not important that every literate person would be an educated person. An educated person can contribute a larger share to the society than a literate person. To simply put, Literacy is about acquiring skills and learning, while education is about applying these skills for the benefit of society. Today, we will discuss Literacy VS Education.

These days students are just getting literate but not educated. A lot of students study just for the sake of passing exams. Which means there so many degree holders but very few who can actually use their skills. In a nutshell, it is important to gain Knowledge. One can get a lot of degrees but that will not guarantee a stable career.

Literacy VS Education

There is a quote that “ there are many people who are literate but least who are educated.”  Literate means who are able to read or write or have knowledge of a particular subject. In India, a person aged seven or more than seven who knows reading and writing would be considered as literate. People who have undergone in a process of learning that results in enhanced mental capability to function effectively in a familiar and novel situation in personal and intellectual life will be considered as an educated person. Education makes ones nature more humble and wise.

A literate may have degrees but he is considered as educated when his her skills are enhanced and the person becomes wise and humble by nature. Education makes a person humble and calm.

Study to enhance your skill, not for degree

The number of degrees and theoretical knowledge would not help you in a longer learn.  Basic concepts of your subject or your field should be cleared in your mind. So, whenever you are studying to try to understand things. Cramming can help you to top the exam but will not make you a skilled professional.

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The best way to make yourself educated is by learning, reading and by listening more and more. In India, it is seen that there are many who are literate but, least who are educated. This is a reason that unemployment is increasing, and somehow you might feel that our education system needs to be upgraded as many are passing out of schools and colleges but they are not getting the jobs. You should try to learn from everywhere.

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