Listening VS Hearing: How good listening can mend your relationships?

Workplace Etiquette: Tips& Tricks to be a good listener

A lot of people think that listening and hearing are the same.  But these are two different terms. Hearing is for short –term, you lend your ears to someone but didn’t join them emotionally. On the other hand, listening involves emotional touch. It means being receptive to your own inner wisdom, while emotionally attuned to the other person.  As per several studies, men are found better listeners than women because they can generally handle silence better. On the other hand, women can connect emotionally better. In a nutshell, men need to learn to be more emotionally available and women need to learn how to be supportive through their presence rather than talking too much.

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Here are a few ways to develop great listening skills. It will not only help you personally but can also bring a huge change in your professional life. A lot of times, our partners complain about lack of interest in a conversation and that sometimes leads to fights.  It’s better to become a good listener before it’s too late.

1. Indicate that you are paying attention

During a conversation pay attention to what the other person is saying. Nod your head or you can say hmm to show your interest. This will give confidence to the other person and he or she will try to make things more engaging.

2. Wait for pause

Try not to interrupt the person. Wait for his or her organic pause, it means the natural breath between the spoken thoughts. Let the other unburden himself or herself. Or if they are explaining something let them do and then ask.

3. Acknowledge the fact

Good listening doesn’t mean complete silence. It means that you are paying attention to the details of the conversation. So, you can reiterate what the other person has said.  For example, Your girlfriend had a bad day at work. In that case, do not calm her down and say relax. Rather acknowledge the fact and help her to find a solution to make things easy at work.

4. Don’t offer “Muft” ki Advice

A big No. Never give advice if the person hasn’t asked from you. It could be possible that you may feel something about that situation but it is okay to keep it with you. If you really want to help, then you ask, How can I help? Do you want any feedback from me?  At this moment the other person will feel less stressed and will be open to advice

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5. Remember Listeners are receivers

Listeners enjoy the great trust and they are respected by everyone. Apart from it, good listening can help you make a big difference. It requires patience, generosity, and humility. You cannot become a great listener overnight. It is a process that matures with the period of time

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