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List of weirdest Guinness World Records ever

Where World records are always amazing to know, here are the records that are more than just weird

Well, talking about any world record sounds like a talk of bravery and achievement. There comes a sense of pride and fascination while reading or knowing about any world record. But, here are some of the world records which might make you think like, ‘can this even make a record’ as they are really weird in their own sense. One World News presents the list of Weirdest World Records ever made.


1. Longest Handshake

world longest handshake

Jack Tsonis and Lindsay Morrison from Sydney own the record of the Longest Handshake in the world. They had to hold each other’s hand for 10 hours breaking the pre-existing record of 9 hours 19 minutes. On the United Nations’ International Day of Peace, the record attempted to raise money for charity.


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2. Most Pierced Woman

Well, while getting a small piercing at any part of the body appears to be of excruciating pain, this woman has set a record of 6000 piercings on her body. Elaine Davidson from Brazil holds the record for most piercing on the body in a lifetime.


3. Longest Tongue

Nick Stoeberl has the record for the highest tongue ever under his name. The 24-year guy has a tongue of nearly 4 inches or 10 cm. Well, Nick would have had that edge of acing the touch your nose with your tongue contest which all of us have tried playing in our childhood.


4. Drinking Beer while Sitting in the snow for the longest


gunnies world records


Jin Songhao had set a record for endurance in cold by drinking beer while sitting in the snow in Yanji, Jilin province. His Guinness record is for the longest time spent with direct contact with the snow for a time of 46 minutes and 7 seconds.


5. Heaviest Mantle of Bees

Well, this is a record for craziness, of daring or for what, we really don’t know but this man, Ruan Liangming of China covered his body with 63.7 kg of bees and achieved a Guinness World Record. Well, the picture itself looks as scary as it sounds.


6. Most Big Macs Eaten in a Lifetime

Well. this one is quite an interesting one, this man from the USA, definitely flaunting his love got the McDonald’s Big Mac consumed 26,000 macs up till 2012 and is still on a rise. He has been on a diet of Big Mac for the last 40 years and many more to count.

So, these are some of the really weird records made by people all over the world. Let us know which one appeared to be the weirdest to you.


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